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Well, not everyone uses Facebook so I’ve started linking up to people from my address book who are on LinkedIn. I neglected this site for a while but more and more I am finding old college and school associates that have not yet found the way of the Facebook. It’s nice to reconnect. If you were one of the people that added me to LinkedIn in the past few days, thank you. Go here if you want to add me to LinkedIn and go here if you want to add me to Facebook.

2 Responses to “Add me Add me Add meeeeee”

  1. Michele says:

    I definitely prefer Linkedin as I can see who the person requesting the contact really is. With FaceBook I keep getting requests from people who I don’t seem to know…

  2. Evert says:

    Same here.
    Linkedin is a whole lot more “professional” than Facebook will ever be.
    FB has lots of bells & whistles but doesn’t show you the details that really matter. The search function on Linkedin is also miles better than FB.