Fluffy Links for Thursday August 9th 2007

Adam Beecher is getting married. Sounds like a movie or something. Anyways, no bollox, well done him and Mrs. to be Adam.

And in other “fair play to ya” news. Manic Mammy gets a nod from the WSJ.

New trophies for blog awards next year will be named in honour of the MC for the first two years. The Golden Ricks.

Langerland gets its own show? Shame about the rest of the RTE lineup. Apart from one new face, that is.

Ways to monetize your blog.

When to build, when to buy and when to use opensource. We should try and get JP to give a talk in Ireland.

DNA databases. Ah sure, we have nothing to hide anyway. Only guilty people will have anything to worry about, right?

Ammo? “Gardai seize ammo”? Slang is ok to use in Breaking News headlines now?

Via Design Undercover. Haha. A company called Smeg makes fridges.

Via MeMeNow, Primal Scream – Kowalski. Fab song and video.

and now the latest from Primal Scream, this time with Moss singing. Primal Scream Ft Kate Moss – Some velvet morning:

3 Responses to “Fluffy Links for Thursday August 9th 2007”

  1. ManicMammy says:

    Thanks Damien.
    I’m still a bit surprised by it really.

  2. Even in their wilderness years (have they ended yet ?) Primal Scream had a few gems. Autobahn is great.

  3. OneForTheRoad says:

    RTE excel them selves again….


    Will their obsession with z list irish celebrities and reality TV ever end? It’s 2007 for god’s sake…