How Facebook will outdo Google and become the No.1 search site

1. Keep allowing outside apps to suck in the web.
2. Keep locking in data.
3. Get users to produce more and more content inside the Facebook walls. Buy content creation companies.
4. Index all the data. Buy search tech to make it better.
5. Buy an ad company for ad tech to make Facebook ads as good as Google ads. Right now they’re very 1997.
6. Connect profiles to the ad system, allowing ads far more targetted than Google’s, increasing the cost per click and making more money per ad.
7. Turn on outside search so you offer all the web plus inside Facebook too. Reap the rewards of an ad system that’s based on 30M user profiles and which outguns Google and Microsoft’s ad systems.
8. Buy Yahoo!
9. Remind Jerry Yang of his company trying to buy you, as you send him out to get you coffee in Starbucks.

10 Responses to “How Facebook will outdo Google and become the No.1 search site”

  1. Tom Young says:

    Solution: Google spend a massive amount of cash buying Facebook. Problem solved.

  2. Tom Young says:

    I’d like to see meebo and Facebook team-up. Makes sense in my tiny little head, at least.

  3. Depends, how much porn is on facebook? the ultimate killer ap.

  4. Philip says:

    Sounds like a nightmare. You’ve probably seen Wired’s Slap in the Facebook:

  5. Evert says:

    You’d be surprised how many people don’t use Facebook….


  6. Paul Walsh says:

    Short ‘n sweet. I like it.

  7. Aido says:

    Its free and easy to use which is what people want. You could call it the next AOL. That service was similar but also provided access. Foolishly they believed members would continue to subscribe once they sold off their access arm. FB has got this far so why not

  8. […] Ok, so Damien Mulley thinks Facebook will outdo Google, Barry Collins from PC Pro doesn’t think Facebook is even important, saying in this months PC Pro: “Facebook isn’t the new Google, it isn’t even the new Friends Reunited.” Reading it, I actually had to think, has this guy read Damien’s post? Either way, I’m not going to re-publish the article here, but to anyone thats interested head out and get this months copy! […]

  9. […] users meant they’re offering was equally as strong. Their ad and search system had long since moved outside of Facebook and was used on millions of websites which allowed ad networks and individual websites to target […]