Fluffy links – August 6th 2007

Going through Facebook and I find the Pat McDonnell Paint Sales Ltd Facebook Group which is populated by students from a University in Maryland.

You can now buy a “green pc” for 99 bucks and 12 bucks a month subscription. Free with your ISP in a few years, I bet.

Gerry suggests outsourcing politics and tribunals to execution friendly China.

I’d love to see Cannibal – The Musical in kilkenny but it’s on at the most awkward time of year for me.

Mary is going for the IIA Board. It should be televised and done in the style of Miss World.

This is oddly cool. Demolishing a building by removing one floor at a time. Starting on the ground floor.

Ambient findability:It’s a trap!

3 Responses to “Fluffy links – August 6th 2007”

  1. Markham says:

    Interesting building link. Dublin’s central bank was constructed in a similar way, with the floors being built at ground level and hoisted up. Apparently they got away with some planning oversights this way too. Link here

  2. James says:

    Thats funny… I buy all my paint in Pat McDonnell’s.

  3. maryrose says:

    Hey thanks Damien, I was away on holidays so only saw this now. I appreciate it!!