Now if I were a restaurant or food company – 30 Irish Foodie blogs

I’d be inviting these 29 or so bloggers to come to my restaurant or evaluate my food products or come to my food fair. James, you’ll be making an OPML file no doubt? Deborah is wondering whether there should be a Food Blog Category at the next Blog Awards. Not a bad idea and if there are still 30 active food blogs, then yes, it might be workable.

Of course maybe it should also turn into a Ready, Bloggy, Cook?

5 Responses to “Now if I were a restaurant or food company – 30 Irish Foodie blogs”

  1. You called? 😉

    Nice find Damien, here ya go –

    Some blogs had no/broken feeds but I’ll check them again later.

  2. Deborah says:

    I love it! But the pro chefs would have to be at a disadvantage of some sort… I don’t know… less time, blunt knives or maybe even cooking naked? 😉

    Maybe Diageo could sponsor the category… there’s your booze for the night! 😉

  3. manuel says:

    Diageo my arse, no tipping, sneaking out the door, heaping me with praise but not cash bastards…..

    so bitter today…

  4. Julian says:

    Diageo my arse too. Which is not to be construed as a promise of sponsorship by Bubble Brothers, though.

  5. Great idea for all of us newbies! Glad to see the list getting longer and longer!!