Talk: Read, Write, and Recycle the Web with FireFox 3 – Register your interest

IT@Cork are now hosting the Marcio Galli talk I previously mentioned. It takes place at 6pm on August 8th in the National Software Centre, in Cork. Please let others know about this and encourage them to register if they are going to attend.

Read, Write, and Recycle the Web with FireFox 3


A talk on Web development and advanced applications with upcoming Mozilla Firefox 3. The presentation focuses on demonstrations of new features of the Firefox “platform” built on open standards with the focus on technology cases and development opportunities.

Target audiences: Computer science students, web developers, software engineers, entrepreneurial individuals, and more.

FireFox – A Web-browser, a Platform, a Framework.

Bio of Marcio Galli:

Marcio Galli currently works as a consultant for the Mozilla project, with specific contribution to mobile projects such as the Mozilla Joey, Mozilla Minimo, and Mozilla development efforts in Brazil. Prior to that he worked as an web interface engineer for the Yahoo! Messenger team, and served as Technology Evangelist for the Netscape Gecko and Open Standards at Netscape Communications. Marcio now lives in Sao Carlos Brazil. Marcio presented in conferences like OSCON (portland ), Nasa and Warner Bros while at Netscape, and other open source events in Brazil such as FISL and ESLAM.

Update: A few hours later, Blacknight stepped in and sponsored the event. Nice one.

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  2. John Collison says:

    I’m there.