Fluffly Links – Monday July 30th 2007

Most expensive petrol in Ireland?

Words. The most offensive.

A mobile client for bit torrent. If the operators in Ireland don’t block it and give proper caps, it could be useful. It should have a bluetooth or wifi option.

I seem to be on a Ben Hammersley linkathon of late. Ben mentions that this is the golden age of good TV and I think I’m going to agree. But it is only a golden page because of the net and Bittorrent. Deadwood, Battlestar, Dexter. Friday Night Lights, Heroes, The Wire to Rome.

I’m beginning to think that all the fuss over the internet is entirely misplaced: the artform that is truly coming into its creative and cultural maturity is television, and specifically long-form American produced drama. It’s not a new point, but from the Sopranos through to BSG, Dexter to The Wire, there’s some truly inspired writing and photography happening coming together.

African journos use mobiles to take vids and upload them using GPRS.

Via Metafilter: Dentist puts boar teeth into patient’s mouth. She sues, he coughs up 250k. He sues insurance company and they cough up a million. America.

This is an ex-Internet:Teaser trailer for Beowulf:

4 Responses to “Fluffly Links – Monday July 30th 2007”

  1. Justin Mason says:

    I think you’re partly right — the reason we now *know* there’s all this great TV, and can consume it over here, is because of BitTorrent. it’s been there for years in the US on pay-TV channels like HBO, but international distribution was woeful, so we never saw it.

  2. Damien says:

    Hate using the phrase but is this the “long tail” in action?

  3. Lots of good TV at the moment alright. Whether it’s BitTorrent or DVD (and yes, I do tend to purchase the DVD of a previously downloaded show I really liked), it’s the lack of ad-breaks and the when-I-want-it nature of modern distribution which plays a big part in maintaining my interest in a show.

    I’ve seen a couple of episodes of Heroes on Channel 6 and Sci-Fi and it’s a different experience altogether. Hard to get engrossed when they’re trying to sell you shit every fifteen minutes.

    That Beowulf trailer — not mad about the whole CGI-ness of it all. I understand it’s some uber-fancy live-action capture followed by digitisation gimmick, but they still look a bit like Mannequins to me. It’s distracting. More noticeable on the HD version of the trailer.


    I notice they avoid showing anyone speak almost entirely, with just half a sentence from Anthony Hopkins – and his mouth just doesn’t seem to form the words properly. Hope it’s just an early render.

  4. Will says:

    So the characters in Beowulf are digital. And there was I thinking Ray Winstone had been spending some quality gym time.

    On the other hand, Angelina Jolie looks exactly the same… is she really a CGI creation?