Review of Interpol – Our Love To Admire

Interpol – Our Love To Admire

The third album from this impressive New York band failed to improve or maintain the quality of their previous two outings.

It’s a real shame that the new Interpol album didn’t depart from the first two albums or in fact maintain the same quality. I’ve listened to t he album a good few times and nothing is sticking out. All the songs blend into the same background melodies.

The album sounds old and tired with just a few tracks sticking out, such as “The Scale” and “All Fired Up” pushing you to play them again. This album is like a badly taped recording of the previous two albums. Maybe not being on a major label suited these guys more?

Rated 3/5 on Jul 29 2007 by Damien Mulley
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6 Responses to “Review of Interpol – Our Love To Admire”

  1. It seems that “second album syndrome” has become “third album syndrome”.

    The Kings of Leon’s last offering was turgid pile of 80’s cock rock, but it has seen them from supporting the Pixies in a half full Lansdowne Road to selling out 2 nights in the RDS, such is the Irish people’s love affair with the bland..

    I fully expect Interpol to fill Croke Park next year as a result of this poor offering…

  2. manuel says:

    The new Interpol album is appalling. So far 2007 hasn’t been a great year for music if you ask me. With the obvious exceptions of Modest Mouse, Wilco and probably Arcade Fire, and maybe QoTSA.

  3. Simian says:

    manuel, there are some more shining lights out there … top of my head – Feist, Battles, Bright Eyes keep looking it ain’t so bad…!

    WRT Interpol am just listening at the mo, its fine so far… fine.

  4. manuel says:

    Simian… no no no the battles album has one good track, Feist is ok nowt special, and Bright Eyes? Are you kidding me?

  5. Simon says:

    Sorry stick IMHO before my humble opinion … I really should have known better

  6. I like Bright Eyes, in a modern day MOR Cat Stevensy kind of way.

    It’s his voice. I can’t not like his voice.

    Viva Voce are quite good though – check them out..