Fluffy Links – Tuesday July 24th 2007

Via Timmy Worstall : A fat man tells us not to be fat. He’d be the chief medical officer in the UK. Be nice to see Health Ministers also lead by example.

The blog of author and TV writer Paul Cornell. He wrote that excellent Doctor Who episode The Family of Blood.

Fold a sail boat into a backpack and bring it with you.

The Hunting Monsters blog covers the film “Battle for Algiers”. Good movie. Brutal events and ruthless characters in it.

BT in the UK is considering fibre to the curb.

Metafilter covers Bill O’Reilly’s war on Daily Kos and how he harassed JetBlue so much they withdrew as sponsors for the DailyKos convention and apologised. Some are crying foul but Kos was the site that waged war on Joe Lieberman and got an inferior ticket on the democratic ticket instead of Joe. Joe still won as an independent though. Right back atcha time for Kos?

Why let the Thriller vids end? Another:

Then there’s Bad:

3 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Tuesday July 24th 2007”

  1. eamon says:

    >>Be nice to see Health Ministers also lead by example.

    yeah they are ministers for sickness not health. Mary Harney should be out encouraging kids to walk to school. Somehow the papers think its ok to hound her about her parents’ health but its utterly taboo to talk about her weight.

  2. Gamma Goblin says:

    Yo, your health ministers so fat, she sits on both sides of the Dáil.

  3. Fiber to the kerb is the plan in ireland too, at least in urban/suburban areas. What happens in the exurbs and rural areas is somthing you don’t hear discussed too much.