BT Ireland to offer 8Mb broadband via LLU

This was in the Irish Times today:

BT has just upgraded its equipment in six Eircom exchanges to ADSL2+ which will provide speeds of up to 8MBit/sec, which Mr Maloney says is more than adequate to provide new TV-over-broadband services.

The service is available to new BT customers connecting to the Tallaght, Dún Laoghaire, Dolphins Barn, Terenure, Merrion and North Main (Upper O’Connell St) exchanges in Dublin.

Costing €42.50 per month, existing customers will be able to move to it from September.

September is when eircom allow hassle-free movement to LLU which will allow you to keep your number. Makes sense. Nice to see BT start doing something with LLU again. Should mean more competition for Magnet and Smart.

2 Responses to “BT Ireland to offer 8Mb broadband via LLU”

  1. Justin Mason says:

    On the other hand, if Antoin is right about Eircom’s NGN strategy,
    LLU will become the new dialup once Eircom are rolling out 25-50Mbps
    links direct to the kerbside cabinet:

  2. You can already get 10 Mbps broadband from Magnet in their unbundled exchanges (if you’re close enough to the exchange, obviously). Costs a lot more than that though, EUR 165 + VAT per month, and it is uncontended.

    Maybe I will move to this myself. I can’t find the offer on the BT website though.