Video Producer wanted for short YouTube video

As I posted on Twitter and Facebook, looking for someone that wants to do a video for me that I’ll be putting on YouTube. Would suit a multimedia student or enthusiast as I’ll have SFA money to give to you for it, but if done right, it should get you some recognition, so consider it padding for your portfolio.

It’d be a fictional and slightly satirical corporate sales video. I’d like to stress that I am not looking for suggestions or ideas. I know exactly what I want. It would be along the same ideas as this video, in that there’ll be a voiceover and some graphics, no need for actors as such:

Email me if you are interested.

2 Responses to “Video Producer wanted for short YouTube video”

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  2. steve mccormack says:

    Hi Damien – I can ask Nicky in Darklight Film Fest and Jessie @ to pass to their list – we got some great youtube producers to work on our cooleswan project