What the – Electric Picnic charging €120 to hook campervans up to the leccy?

Ticketmaster page “Electrical Hook-up for Campervan/Caravan @ Electric Picnic”. – €120

Surely not? After paying so much already just for a space for the Campervan?

7 Responses to “What the – Electric Picnic charging €120 to hook campervans up to the leccy?”

  1. Dave Davis says:

    Ugggh. They really know how to milk a festival. Seriously, that weekend will cost some people their entire months wages.

    But Damien, you’re not considering the campervan are you?

  2. To be frank, Electric Picnic this year is a big rip-off, whatever way you look at things. This is just yet more crap, and they can fuck right off if they think they’re getting my money this year.

  3. Mark Waters says:

    It’s the same deal at the Midlands festival.

    Why would you need electricity for a camper van anyway? I thought you could run the electrics off the car battery.

  4. They will, quite reasonably, charge what the market will bear; they are, after all, a company.

  5. squid says:

    Looks likely to be candlelight picnic so.

  6. We have a hotel room but I’m thinking of staying on site in the tent (ViP camping) and using the hotel for showers and important poohs.

  7. Gavin says:

    Festivals seem to try and milk ever penny out of the people that go to them.

    I was at oxegen last week and it was ridiculous. First off you pay €150+ to actually go to the festival, then you get there and you have to pay €10 for a timetable to actually find out who’s playing when.

    The other thing was that they didn’t let you bring your own drink into the arena, so thats another €5 a pint. What about the people that don’t drink Heineken?

    It’s insane.