Maybe this should be on – HP builds tech for cosmetics industry

At that HP event in Lisbon, we were shown a new tech product that HP developed where people text a photo of themselves to a number and it will text you back with makeup recommendations. Using HP colour matching technology, their servers will suggest what foundation is best for your skin tone. It worked quite well and might be a boon for online stores like StrawberryNet though I’m sure it will be nothing to match the expertise of the ladies and gentlemen that work at the makeup counters at BT. As of this morning, the NDA on this tech has been removed.

I’m sure though that there are way way more uses for such technology, and this is just the start. Just like Google’s 411 service is building a massive database of voices and accents so they can make better algorithms for voice recognition, this HP service could very much be used as a database to improve facial recognition algorithms.

Or maybe they’ll just keep running it as Queer Eye for the Tech Guy.

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