Fluffy Links – Tuesday July 10th 2007

Women demand removal of short fat bollards because they remind them of penises. Obviously those ladies need to shop around. *cough*

Stephen has a blog. In fact he has two. His blog about Toilets got him onto the Rick O’Shea show. But he prefers his main blog where he has his “fuckers list“.

Wouldn’t you just call it a “speaker?” Sony intros a TV for the blind.

Via Weckorrah (again) it seems Kathryn Thomas was miffed over a pisstake of her in an ad from Magnet:

They also said that the Magnet Networks advertisement contained the following, which they believed to be a reference to Ms. Thomas:
“Bogband — it’s broadband that slows down when you need it most. Your friend got it because a blonde girl from a travel show told him it was great but what that genius forgot to mention was high contention — broadband’s dirty little secret.

Staying on that theme: Trev revs up his new motor. Him and his other biatches will now be big greenin’

New blogs on the block for this week.

Bonus link to a new blog: Midget Wrangler. Give her attention. Anyone that likes Beth Ditto is an ok guy in my books.

LouderVoice is now doing audio reviews. Videos next.

With punishment beatings on the wane and fuck all kneecappings happening, the yoof of the North need a way of inflicting damage to their bodies. (I think the Osteo wards are secretly sponsoring this.)

Parkour in the Nord:

More Nordie Parkour. I just can’t believe they used *that* remix of Jump Around, if there was any remix to be chosen it shoulda been the Butch Vig one. I mean jesus like. Tut.

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