Currently listening to…

Bands I’m currently listening to: Modest Mouse, Good Bad The Queen, Ratatat, Polyphonic Spree, My Beautiful Diamond, Feist, Great Lake Swimmers, The Gossip, Fujiya & Miyagi, Sons and Daughters, Amiina

And you? What new stuff is on your iPod?

13 Responses to “Currently listening to…”

  1. Gav Reilly says:

    Try The Envy Corps – their ‘Story Problem’ is gobsmackingly class.

  2. Trinity says:

    “my thoughts are so loud I can’t hear my mouth”. ah I love Modest Mouse, more so for their lyrics 🙂
    At the mo I’m listening to a mixture of some Phofo (Happy fun ball), Ladytron, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, a bit of Cowboy X and a smidgen of the Brad Pitt Light Orchestra, The Flaming Lips, Novelle Vague, Air, Feist (like yer good self!), Robbers on High Street, Pixies and Gary Numan!

  3. Loving the Gossip at the moment

  4. Liz says:

    Just got Keren Ann this evening… reminds me of Mazzy Star to begin with…but as it goes on not ….otherwise in a recurring The Go! Team, Garden State Soundtrack, Kings of Leon cycle..(also got Feist and Modest Mouse on the go…)

  5. auds says:

    Similar enough to some of the above – Kings of Leon, MM, Feist, Keren Ann, Great Lake Swimmers, Gossip, Fuyija – must check out the others listed.

    Also giving Gogol Brodello, The Field, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Ryan Adams, Bill Callahan, Richard Thompson’s new album, Ian Hunter, Blonde Redhead, Bruce and the Seeger Sessions, Jesse Malin, Battles, Clientele, Avett Brothers, , Julie Fowlis, Rufus’s new one, Get Cape wear cape fly, Albert Hammond, Noisettes, Voxtrot, Wilco’s new one, Larrikin Love and Crooked Still a whirl.#
    My recommendation of the last few weeks has to be The National. Stunning new album from them as always.

    It’s no wonder I’ve no time for blogging and can never make it into work on time. I need to get away from my CD player (iPod battery currently lasting a pathetic 38mins on last go!) And the really sad thing is that I’ve plenty of new stuff I want to listen “properly to” yet.

  6. Phil Collins,
    Bon Jovi,
    Joss Stone…

    … I’ll get me coat.

  7. Gerry says:

    Nothing new on my iPod. It’s knackered and Dixons, the cunts, have taken 5 weeks so far to fix it under their very expensive extended warranty

  8. Will says:

    just pt on Jilie Feeney’s 13 songs…. Autopoilit sounds a little too much like google talk to me.

  9. Will says:

    let’s try that again…
    Julie Feeney and Autopilot. Sorry about the vowel shift

  10. Alan says:

    Feist is excellent AND I’ve just got tickets to her Dublin show.

    Can’t wait!

  11. frankp says:

    I’m still not tired of Emily Loizeau – pretty much on constant repeat since the gig.

  12. Ken McGuire says:

    Kings Of Convenience (some great listening there), Air, Waiting To Explode, The Guggenheim Grotto, The Shins, Broken Social Scene, Joanna Newsom (only after discovering… shoot me for not doing it sooner)

  13. kirstie says:

    von sudenfed, ted leo, devo, deerhunter mostly.