BBB – Bring Back Blogorrah – Day 1

Update, thanks to the Swiss Job, we have a logo:

Bring Back Blogorrah

While the Blogorrahistas are sorting out their “webdev” issues, someone needs to fill the need for goss and dross. Now we have had a few efforts recently from Adrian but the people need more. With so many media folks reading the site daily, surely these same people have access to all the great photos the PR companies were sending on and can make witty/catty blog posts about them? Add into the mix other videos and things like that found about the place and we can have our very own distributed Blogorrah, while we wait for the return. If you want to partake, create your own BBB – bring back blogorrah post and mark what day it is in the campaign.

Further update: Turning into the Judean Peoples Front and the Peoples Front of Judea now. Alternative logo:

Bring Back Blogorrah Logo 2

Now here for your viewing pleasure is idiots at Oxegen getting all muddy. Hurry up before the organisers make people in wigs even more money:

One of the dozens of mud fights at Oxegen:

An Irish mud angel:

and it’s not just Irish people acting the bollox. Here’s Jake Shears from Scissor Sisters showing his:

13 Responses to “BBB – Bring Back Blogorrah – Day 1”

  1. Couldn’t agree more Damien about the severe lack of Blogorrahness on the interweb. Shocking. I’ve put up a little support on my site for the boys. Hope they sort things out soon!

  2. 73man says:

    Done….although hate the logo. Made my own cos I am a nerd.

  3. Gav Reilly says:

    Done. Swiss Job’s logo plonked on my sidebar too.

  4. Niall says:

    Bring back Blogorrah … why?

    Those model photos don’t really get any funnier the 1,000th time you’ve seen them, you know.

    Each to their own, I guess.

  5. 73man says:

    Fair enough. First item on any new organisation in this statelet: a split.

  6. […] BBB – Bring Back Blogorrah – Day 001 Like many good ideas in the Irish blogosphere, this was Damien’s – there’s some logos going around for people to put on their sites as a public declaration of their longing for Blogorrah v2 to hit the cybershelves. You’ll see one of them over on the right of this page. […]

  7. Okay guys Check out the blogorrah site!
    Its official.
    RIP Blogorrah.

  8. Okay…maybe disregard that comment for the moment.
    For about five minutes this am there was a new post on the main page announcing that Blogorrah was caput.
    Its now been removed.

  9. […] BBB – Bring Back Blogorrah – Day 003 Day three and still no sign. Damien, The Swiss Job, RedMum and Niall O’K are all on your trail now. And we can’t stay looking at Glenda’s ale-drinking brilliance forever… […]

  10. coffeeanabun says:

    Janey,gosh,wow,gee-whiz,darn and tarnation. It’s all the Blogorrah commenters just moved here isn’t it? But nobody told me where all the people had gone. I can take a hint, just cos yer paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get ya.

  11. […] However, a load of Irish bloggers can’t give up the ghost and someone – namely Mr Damien Mulley – have for some reason started a “Bring Back Blogorrah” campaign. There’s even little badges you can stick on your website to show you support. […]

  12. […] A recent post on One for the Road says “good fucking riddance” to the disappearance of the Blogorrah website in a cheeky, well crafted and smart-arsed torrent of words and, to be honest, it’s made me look at myself and wonder why I jumped on the bandwagon and lent my name to the “Bring back Blogorrah” campaign, – a campaign which, for all intents and purposes, shows no more real signs of actually being alive than that very dead tree from Aldi planted in my back garden. It’s made me wonder why I was even happy to see that the site is apparently on it’s way back. Here’s their new badge: […]