Fluffy Links – Friday July 6th 2007

The Blakeotron has some nice pics of the Letterkenny skate park.

Annie has moved too.

Maybe we should go back to paper, if all our data is stored on weird tapes and devices?

With AllofMP3 gone, here are some alternatives.

Bill Gates saves the gays, again.

Via Una is the Mentos Intern. Oddly addictive.

Via Loic Le Meur, Jyri Engeström from Jaiku at MoMo Amsterdam. I saw this young guy around Reboot minding his kid, little did I realise he was one of the Jaiku founders:Absolutely terrifying BASE jumping video:

4 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Friday July 6th 2007”

  1. Cian says:

    Surprisingly good pictures considering its prefabricated – the scourge of council skateparks everywhere is Ireland is being made from anything -but- cast in situ concrete

  2. Twenty Major says:

    hah, I was trying to figure out what Cian’s comment had to do with that base jumping bloke.

  3. I haven’t moved, exactly. I just made a new site in a shameless act of self-promotion to put my design work on. I’m still blonking at blonkspot.

    But thank you for the fluffy love.

  4. Cian says:

    Twenty Major – look at the top line of Damien’s post….