Fluffy Links – Tuesday July 3rd 2007

This is the article I wanted to write about Cork and Cork people for years. Kathy Foley saved me the bother. Great great article. I don’t read the Sunday Times anymore because it is no longer online. I won’t buy half a tree just to read Kathy and a few more people.

New blogs on block are back.

Fraudband. What a great term.

Wow. Nice bit of dosh there for the IIA. Though not massive.

Google takes a few shots at Michael Moore’s new film in order to sell more ads. They suggest running ad campaigns to counter any searches for the movie on Google.

EI lends their support to Paddy’s Valley.

Another fantastic TED talk on poverty and the third world.

I still miss Ze Frank. Here’s an old post from 43 Folders about how Ze stays creative.

Majesty Snowbird. Again.

CC Licenced Spanish short film on YouTube has 10M views and encourages remixes of it:

4 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Tuesday July 3rd 2007”

  1. […] Kathy Foley is right on the ball with her article, You’re all just jealous of Cork from last weekend’s Sunday Times! I was going to post this tomorrow but as Damien beat me to the punch here it is for everyone else to enjoy too. Life as a Corkonian in Dublin often seemed like one long session as a judge at a terrible talent show. You had to smile through gritted teeth at the impressionists: “So you’re going to do a terrible version of a Cork accent? Great, go on then. It’s only the 12th time today.” You had to laugh at the jokes, or should I say the joke, as it was almost always the same one. Had I heard the one about the Cork mother who says, “My son, the solicitor, is drowning”? Yes, very good. It gets funnier every time. […]

  2. dahamsta says:

    Lyons posts on EI’s eBusiness Discussion all the time, she’s a pain in the hole. Even more opinionated than the rest of them; how hard can that be?

    Great to see EI offering support of PaddysValley. They’re a good agency in general, although they can be hit and miss.

    Are there any estimates for that yet? I’d love to go, but I can’t see myself being able to afford it.


  3. Fraudband.org. Repo Man reference, yay!

  4. […] Donncha and Damien insist that you’re all just jealous… of Cork. I’m not. I’m quite happy to live and work in Dundalk (and to be moderating the North East forum and its new county sub-forums [fora?] on boards.ie)! […]