For those new to my blog

Hello and welcome etc, for those who have recently subscribed to this site and wonder is it always this quiet (in between DIGG submissions) then the answer is no. I’m away this week but generally this site is updated twice a day or more. Every weekday morning is a post known as the “Fluffy Links” which contains links to other sites of things that I find odd or interesting or interestingly odd. I can include embedded videos too. Around lunchtime then I tend to put up a post that uses a little more of my brainpower and engages the audience a bit more. Of late I have also been sticking up music videos later in the evening. So there you go, this is how it goes generally.

If you’re new to this blog, why not introduce yourself in the comments?

13 Responses to “For those new to my blog”

  1. Gav Reilly says:

    Why not, indeed, introduce ourselves? 🙂

    Eh, well, I’m Gav, I’m a Sagittarius … nah. Forget new to this blog, I’m kinda new to the Blogosphere at large, but I’m a longtime reader of the SundayTribune contributions and, well, that’s pretty much it…

  2. Killian says:

    Hello, Killian here, regular reader of your blog, Sunday Tribune and Irish based blogs in general.

    I’ve recently started my own technology blog at and am finding this blogging malarkey quite addictive.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Liz says:

    Hi …my name is Liz and… the earnest nature of this suggestion scares me.

  4. John Cav says:

    John here. I’m simple, but I’m complicated. Like “One” by Calvin Klein, but without the unisex appeal… Take from that what you will.

    That is my blog.

  5. Hey Mulley. We’re all standing up for you here in the blogosphere, with a view to getting your bag back. Calling those baggage handlers cunts and posting it to DIGG.

    Which was, after all, the main point of it all. Getting your bag back.

    Did your bag come back?

    Please provide feedback.

  6. dublindan says:

    Hi Dan here interesting stuff I got to you via anyway what happened with the baggage handlers oh yeah any advice/links on starting a blog ????

  7. manuel says:

    Hi my name is Manuel and I’ll be your waiter. And that’s what I blog about. It’s all sex, drugs, and bread rolls. Be nice or I’ll pee in your soup and drop lsd in your wine….

  8. Hi Damien,

    I think the Guards gave me the link.. Nice work


  9. BlackCow says:

    Hey, I also found this site on Digg. Your RSS feed has a nice home on my google home page. Keep up the good work.

  10. Steve says:

    My name is Steve and Im an alcoho…oops, sorry. Wrong blog.

  11. JC Skinner says:

    Ireland’s angriest man, long time lurker.

  12. Conortje says:

    Not exactly new but I’d feel very left out if I didn’t say hello. Hello.

  13. Trinity says:

    Hello Damien, I’m not exactly new as I’ve been reading your blog for like yonks now 🙂 I probably pop in once a day and have a read. I don’t know if I have ever made any comments so I guess I am a lurker! and I blog a bit myself 🙂