Fluffy Links – Friday June 22nd 2007

Yesterday was fun. 47k page views. Here’s how the week looked in stats at a few mins to midnight last night:

DIGG once again

The previous daily best was just under 30k hits in July last year.

Anyways, to all the new people that have subscribed to this blog feed. Each weekday I do “fluffy links” which are blog posts that contain some links and videos on all sorts of flotsam and odd and funny and nerdy things. Enjoy. Here goes:

Limerick Blogger is gone. Another fine blog bites the dust. I thought it the best news and current affairs blog in Ireland. Nobody but nobody beat their coverage of Limerick. Best of luck Squid.

Ronnie O’Brien nostalgia. Remember him and the campaign to make him famous?

Shocking. My pun was at least.

Cutest photo ever. Today. This hour.

Blogging will be light for a bit. Off here for a while.

Rollercoaster fun:


10 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Friday June 22nd 2007”

  1. squid says:

    I am trying to work out a way of keeping the site going, but it cannot run as is because it is taking up too much of my time.

    I am looking for suggestions on what ways the site can be changed or whatever.

  2. Anonymoose says:

    I hope you’re only taking hand luggage to Lisbon….

  3. Keith says:

    Faraday cages, FTW!

  4. Green Ink says:

    I assume you’ll be travelling as Mr. Smith?

  5. squid says:

    just to update you on our “obituary” 😀

    After much discussion and consideration and being asked not to, I am now deciding to keep the site open, but with some major changes

  6. Alan says:

    Can I add a fluffy link please.


    Adsense for Darfur campaign. Any bloggers reading this are welcome to Digg the post (although I don’t know how to do that myself) – must check it out.



  7. Alan says:

    I worked out how to do the digg thing and a link to the digg page is at


  8. Kieran says:

    Enjoy the sun, Damien! Congrats on the traffic! That’s some readership!

  9. Tim Worstall says:

    Lisbon? You go to Lisbon only after I’ve moved south to the Algarve?

    Probably sensible actually.

    If you find yourself gasping for a pint of G there’s a couple of places around Cais de Sodre. O’Gillan’s and Henessy’s.

    If you’re going to drink Portuguese, go to Instituto de Vinho de Porto. The most fabulous ports by the glass. Stuff you’d only normally get by hte bottle.

  10. anthony says:

    Congrats Damien. Nice readership. Local boy done good, eh?