Legal letters sent to me on behalf of Sky Handling Partners

I just got emailed a pdf scan of a letter that has been posted to me via a legal firm on behalf of Sky Handling Partners. They have requested I take down the two posts about Sky Handling Partners.

Note: They have not threatened litigation and have not asked for an apology.

It seems Sky Handling Partners have called the Gardai too. They also chastised me on my use of bad language. Yes, really! How many people have ever seen a solicitor’s letter than contains the word cunt at least three times? ME! I’m sorry but I can’t post the letter on my blog, thus why I’m giving you all the highlights.

I will not be taking the blog posts down.

This is my first takedown notice. I’m framing it and replacing my framed copy of Joan Burton in her pink suit with that on the shrine. Sorry Joan, the fickle tastes of bloggers. It was nice though. Really.

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  1. Medbh says:

    More importantly, have you made any plans for the wad of cash you’re going to get from this in the court settlement?

  2. […] With the saga of bad customer service that is Skygate still raging, I thought I would post an example of how to do it right: […]

  3. Peter says:

    Did you ever get your bag back?!

  4. Any chance Irish law will admit the precedent of the celebrated reply in Arkell v. Pressdram (1971)?

  5. Omaniblog says:

    Anyone travelling with Air Arann on Monday, or thinking of using them in future should look at this link


  6. tipster says:

    Also, I’m confused after re-reading Damien’s post… they’ve called the gardai? What offence pray tell has the bould Damien committed?

    It might be that they have lodged a complaint to the Gardaí that they believe that an employee committed a criminal act using their equipment.

  7. ball*istic says:

    Not going the ‘one (easily disposable) bad egg’ route implies someone further up the ladder is responsible for this mess. Who’s up for a good conspiracy theory?

  8. Emul says:

    Just reading Sky Handling website about employment opportunities, on the basis that there may be some vacancies soon:

    “Employees at all levels are given as much responsibility and authority as possible.

    We promote a culture of dynamism and innovation, which allows employees to be creative and inspired to excel. Employee input is always valued.”

    So signing customers up to gay dating sites could be within the job remit…using my innovative creatism…to excel…after all there is no such thing as bad publicity…is there?

  9. […] 1. No doubt you have read about the sorry tale of one company by the name of Sky Handling Partner, who have made threats against our own Damien Mulley. I guess it is much easier to send a nasty legal letter than to apologise or simply to do the decent thing, whatever that may be. This is a storm, and it has caused no amount of negative publicity (not to mention Google juice) for said company. I hope Damien kicks their sorry asses around the airport. But then I would say that, wouldn’t I? (As it happens, the Tom Raftery, Tim O’Reilly and Web 2.0 story was around this time last year. Lesson: don’t mess with Irish bloggers) […]

  10. Harry McGee says:

    Damian, I’m sure it’s in the Tribune already but I hope other newspapers follow up on it tomorrow. There have been a few prosecutions in Ireland relating to cases like this.
    There was a guy who took his revenge on a woman by writing her name and telephone number in phone booths and claiming she was a prostitute.

    While the medium is slightly different, the motivation is similar. Whoever is responsible for this should be brought to book.

  11. […] My one hope is that I don’t end up in the same situation as Damien Mulley and his wandering baggage. He is so pissed off that he’s resorted to a potty mouth post that made even this hardened traveller wince. But I understand why. Damien’s attracted the attention of some legal eagles. But sometimes there are worse things than either I or Damien have endured. As Bernie Goldbach writes: Shortly after leaving Shannon, passengers noticed “a tidal wave of sewage” spilling from under the toilet doors. […]

  12. […] En irländsk bloggare, Damien Mulley, flög med SAS frÃ¥n Köpenhamn tillbaka till Irland. Tyvärr blev han av med sitt bagage och skrev, efter att ha väntat nÃ¥gra dagar pÃ¥ bagaget, ett inte sÃ¥ glatt blogginlägg om saken. NÃ¥gon pÃ¥ det företag som sköter bagagehanteringen, Sky Handling Partner, läste inlägget och kom pÃ¥ den kreativa idén att registrera Damien Mulley pÃ¥ nÃ¥gra datingsidor. Och sedan ville, förstÃ¥s, företaget att Damien Mulley skulle ta bort blogginläggen. […]

  13. Mick D says:

    hey, read about your story in the Sunday Times today. Great to see that you are “standin up to the man”.

  14. […] One of the confirmation emails included the IP address that the registration had been received from – and a quick reverse DNS revealed that the IP belonged to ‘City Jet Handing Dublin’. So he phoned them up, complained about it, said he felt libelled, quoted parts of the Criminal Justice (Theft and Fraud Offences) Act, 2001 to a quivering phone rep from SHP… and then that evening got a rather stunning letter asking him to remove the blog. […]

  15. Celtictigger says:

    Thanks Tipster, I suspected that was the case but everything else they’ve done has made such little sense, and given the context, I just wasn’t too sure.

    It does beg the question though – if they’ve called the peelers on one of their staff why the threatening letter to Damien? Why no “oops we’ve buggered up but are fixing it and would like you to post that on your blog kind sir”?

    And now they’re in the papers. I’d hate to be sitting in their canteen this morning.

  16. anthony says:

    Wow. Hard to belive. Looks like you’ve got teh internets behind you anyway 😉

  17. […] Well, what happened next, you might be wondering?  Did Sky Handling Partners come out with their hands up and confess?  Did they fuck.  The next thing Mulley saw was a letter from a lawyer, threatening him. […]

  18. It’s ludicrous. It’s on my site. I hope everybody else repeats it too. And don’t forget to DIGG it and Delicious it and every other thing you can think of.

  19. […] Now the story descends into farce. Then he got a solicitors letter. A letter which requested that he remove his posts about Sky Handling Partners. So yet again, as any sane, normal person would do, he blogged about it again. Oh, and he refused to remove the posts. His hosting provider, Blacknight Solutions, sided with him. In fact, they even moved his site to a higher capacity server to handle the load. […]

  20. Mike says:

    Having read this and all the previous related posts, and most of the comments, I can’t believe how they are handling this (pardon the unintentional pun). In fairness to them, it was probably just some youngfella on his lunch break who decided it would be hilarious to create false profiles of you on those websites. Still they’re response — or lack thereof — is what surprises me. They’re not a small company, they should know better how to react.

    As for the lost bags, and your understandably frustrating dealings with SAS, Sky, Aer Lingus etc… Sky Handling are one of a few main handling companies in Dublin airport, but their presence in Cork airport is recent and they only handle some cargo and charter flights (and thus don’t have a regular cutsomer-facing presence in the terminal). Aer Lingus in Cork do their own handling, and Servisair has the contracts for all the other scheduled airlines. That could explain why it might seem like the left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing when you encounter baggage hassle in either airport, and also why it can be hard to contact anyone responsible.

    Now, obviously if your bag was in Dublin it would ideally be flown direct to Cork as soon as possible. But since Aer Lingus then had your bag, and they no longer fly Cork/Dublin, the quickest way for them to get the bag to Cork would be through a nearby airport that Aer Lingus fly to from both Cork and Dublin, presumably that’s why they said it was going to Bermingham. I can only hazard a guess as to why it came on a BMI Baby flight — they fly the route more frequently than Aer Lingus so it might have been another effort to get the bag to you as quick as possible.

    Anyway, it’s good to hear that someone was able to help in the end. Now we wait in anticipation to see the outcome of your dealings with Sky Handling.

  21. […] I got involved and commented several times on Damien’s blog.  I also wrote about it here. I noticed lots of people, like me, jumping on the bandwagon condemning the company.  […]

  22. Omaniblog says:

    Would someone please let me know what happened next?

  23. jeff says:

    so what happened next?

  24. Eric says:

    So where are we at with this? You still getting email from gay dating services why this company gets away with it? Update us please.