Legal letters sent to me on behalf of Sky Handling Partners

I just got emailed a pdf scan of a letter that has been posted to me via a legal firm on behalf of Sky Handling Partners. They have requested I take down the two posts about Sky Handling Partners.

Note: They have not threatened litigation and have not asked for an apology.

It seems Sky Handling Partners have called the Gardai too. They also chastised me on my use of bad language. Yes, really! How many people have ever seen a solicitor’s letter than contains the word cunt at least three times? ME! I’m sorry but I can’t post the letter on my blog, thus why I’m giving you all the highlights.

I will not be taking the blog posts down.

This is my first takedown notice. I’m framing it and replacing my framed copy of Joan Burton in her pink suit with that on the shrine. Sorry Joan, the fickle tastes of bloggers. It was nice though. Really.

74 Responses to “Legal letters sent to me on behalf of Sky Handling Partners”

  1. Brian White says:

    Come on, we all want to see that letter… 🙂

  2. Michael says:

    Can I have the photo of Joan so?

  3. Deborah says:

    What the hell? THEY are asking YOU for something…. really! Is that the only contact???

  4. Matthew says:

    Hah. Do they have any idea at the legal trouble they’re in?? Utterly clueless. Someone in the company has basically committed identity theft from the IP evidence and they have the cheek to do that??!

    Sue them, make them pay. You can threaten them with litigation in reply to their legal letter.

    It would be interesting to hear what the Guards told them.

  5. Liam Daly says:

    Do you think they realise just how many other blog posts have been posted about them in the last 24 hours?

  6. Dave says:

    I am an Irish lawyer working in this area – I feel strongly about this sort of thing> if you want free advice on this email me

  7. Dan Sullivan says:

    There is some phrase about when you’re in a hole and that there is something you should stop doing but I can’t for the life of me think what it is.

  8. Anthony says:

    My god. If this wasn’t so shocking it’d be funny.

  9. Forlorn Frog says:

    Mental Damian, stick to your guns and don’t let those Sky Handling fuckers mishandle your [genuine] reasons for complaining. There’s way too much of this auto-litigation stuff doing the rounds now online and they need to be told where to get off. Freedom of speech is not going to be poured down the www cyberpipe.

  10. Cian says:

    Oh dear oh dear oh dear… are they actively attempting to make this worse?

  11. What





  12. Omaniblog says:

    If I was working for this particular company, I might be tempted to try and lead this off into a cul-de-sac. I’d feel desperate to find a red-herring onto which I could deflect things. I’d try hard to muddy the water and put a lot of emphasis on the crude language.

    If I was working for them, I’d be hoping there will be a change of management and direction, to get us out of this hole.

    Considering the gravity of the assault on Damien’s identity and reputation, my view is that anger is entirely appropriate. When people are rightly angry, it is reasonable for them to express their feelings loudly.

    Thanks for keeping the community posted.

  13. Donal says:

    What in the name of Jaysus do these lads have stuffed between their ears instead of brains?

  14. Steve says:

    Nearly 34,000 visitors ! Fluck me…go for it laddie

  15. Ken says:

    Something tells me that this company is royally screwed. Can’t wait for the Sunday papers this week.

    On another note, it sounds like they’re in the preliminary stages of seeking legal advice. If I were you I’d cut them off at the pass and have your case heard first.

  16. Pat Phelan says:

    Yep, really looking forward to the Sunday papers this week

  17. Elana says:

    /headdesk. Well, this explains nicely why they couldn’t control your luggage…they were too busy trolling dating sites! /snorfle I mean, come on. If they had a clue, they would have backed down. And since when does Damien step *back* from anything resembling a fight? /makes popcorn

  18. The Sky Handling Partners Team Song

    Hi hey, hi ho, it’s off to court we go,
    Our reputation’s f***ed
    But our brief is booked
    So it’s hi hey, hi hey, hi hey, hi ho

  19. Green Ink says:

    Quick, get these people more rope!

  20. When all this is over you can make money from it in a variety of ways
    Firstly, you can charge SHP for teaching them two key customer care lessons [1] How not to handle customer complaints, and [2] The awesome power of word-of-mouth.
    Secondly, you can write all this up as a classic customer case study.

  21. Matt says:

    You do realise though, right and all as you are, that next time you fly out of or into Ireland your bags will most probably end up in Kathmandu? Or worse still, Cork. 🙂

  22. maryrose says:

    Ha ha! Best comment there out of the whole litiginous lot Matt!

  23. that girl says:

    Damien – how much incoming traffic are you getting from the Sky Handling Partners servers? I’m sure they’re all over the comments here…just curious…

  24. […] Not content with the current shitstorm boiling around them (see previous post), Sky Handling Partners have issued Damien Mulley with a lawyerific take down notice. Has anyone noticed how these are becoming a badge of honour among bloggers now? It’s like earning your bones. You’re no one until your Citizen Journo antics have enraged the corporate greedheads. […]

  25. […] After some less than fruitful conversations with the folks at Sky Handling Partners, Mulley posted again about his issues, only to receive an e-mail from a law firm telling him to take down the posts. […]

  26. Niall says:

    I’m predicting that Sky Handling Partners are about to change their name.

    I mean, how thick are these people?

    Damien started a lobby group because he couldn’t get decent internet access. What the hell did they think he was going to do when they made it personal?

    Jesus, the only thing that might save them now is an apology, an explanation and a gift of some sort.

  27. Maman Poulet says:

    Gets the candyfloss out to join with Elana’s popcorn.

    Maybe we could run a conference for them to teach Sky Handling Partners and their legal representatives about blogging and how it works? And how there are lawyers who think that they can scare off someone behind a PC

    And then there are bloggers with lawyers and legal academics, marketing and communications professionals, IT experts, journalists, and customers of every airline that Sky Handling Partner deals with riding shotgun on this matter now.

  28. manuel says:

    Go get em champ. Grrrrrrrrrrrr

  29. […] UPDATE: Damien writes that what Sky Handling Partner decided to do was get its lawyers to write to him asking that his post be taken down. The story, which had around 1,200 Diggs when I wrote this post is now approaching 3,000 Diggs. Sky Handing Partner needs communications skills, not legal skills right now. […]

  30. roosta says:

    What if we all agreed to reprint the original post word for word on our blogs, would we all then get such letters?

    One to think about….

  31. […] Sky Handling Partners have got the lawyers involved and sent Damien a letter requesting that he take down the post. […]

  32. frankp says:


    Fairly unbelievable really.

  33. Hi, in case any of Sky Handling Partners are reading this, you lot lost my luggage in December 2004 and I think you are cunts too.



  34. […] log on to this link and enjoy the ride.  (The full story includes another link and  this link too.  This is far from over.) […]

  35. Lenny says:

    My god, they are really trying to dig themselves out of a hole. Publish the letter dude! They wont send another one if they know its going to end up on the internet. In all fairness the word ‘cunt’ is pretty crude and should not be used by anyone according to my girlfriend. But when a company whom you paid (indirectly) to handle your luggage signs you up for gay dating websites when you complain about them losing your luggage well… I cant really think of a better word to call them!

  36. galwaywegian says:

    Re. the name change, I’d say Shy Handling Partners might work for a while.

  37. Declan says:

    Damien, fair play to you, you said what everyone who has travelled through Dublin airport thinks as they wait at the lottery machine that is baggage reclaim but I hope to god you are talking to a solicitor before they take the initiative and drag you to court first in an attempt to shift the focus onto your earlier posts.

    Interesting that they set the lawyers on you instead of taking the sensible approach of saying that it was a junior member of staff acting without the knowledge of management and in severe breach of company regulations so the person responsible had been fired. Instead they decided to dig in and stick by their man and claim it’s all your fault no matter what happens to the company reputation? Crazy.

  38. […] OMFG – this will make case studies for MBAs in the future: “How NOT to handle negative publicity via Social Media” […]

  39. […] Can Sky Handling Partners or their lawyers tell the world – through their (prehistoric!) website or maybe start their own blog – what exactly are you doing to investigate who signed Damien up for the dating sites with the lurid ads from the IP address registered to your company and it’s predecessors? Now we know at the moment you are sending take down letters but that really isn’t good enough, you know it and the blogging world and all those who read blogs (47 thousand on Damien’s yesterday and then every one else who blogged about it.) […]

  40. Stewart says:

    ahhh… hahahaha! What the hell are these guys thinking?

  41. @Declan – I’d guess they don’t even know what all this is about. They probably presume that this is a customer service issue, and that Damien has been over-zealous with his commentary. From all accounts how very wrong they are.

    Good God are they going to need some reputation management after all this.

  42. Celtictigger says:

    That settles it… boat and train all the way on the summer holidays for me and the missus so these muppets don’t lose me bags, sign me up for stuff and then set the legal beagles on me when I get shirty about it.

    Well, at least I’d get shirty if I had a shirt. It would probably be in the bags they lost on me. Feckers.

    Then again, given the grasp they have on geography and efficiency (quickest way from Cork to Dublin is via Birmingham???) we shouldn’t be too shocked at the tenuous relationship they seem to have with the reality of the situation. By putting the boot in like this they’ve pretty much shut the door on the “it was poor timmy’s first and last day with us” defence.

    But next time I stab someone to death remind me to get the lawyers to send them a stern letter berating them for blunting my knife. (the logic is similar).

  43. Celtictigger says:

    also i think galwaywegian left a few letters out of the new name…

    I’ll take a T and an E please and then we can all play the countdown conundrum together.

    Also, I’m confused after re-reading Damien’s post… they’ve called the gardai? What offence pray tell has the bould Damien committed?

  44. insomniac says:

    Nils carborundum desperandum, and all that. Would love to be a fly on the walls of Sky Handling right about now…

  45. “What if we all agreed to reprint the original post word for word on our blogs, would we all then get such letters?

    One to think about…. ”

    I think that’s a very good idea. If the contents of the post are mirrored on lots of sites around the world, even if they try to force Damien to take his copy down, there will be several hundred more – no way they can supress it, and the more they try, the more they’ll actually draw attention to it!

    The behaviour of this company is nothing short of unbelievable.

  46. Paul B says:

    OK you got me, this is some sort of a joke right?

    Un-fuck-ing-bel-iev-able, take up the offer of free legal advice and nail them to the wall.

  47. URQUHART says:

    Tell them you’d like to take it down, but you just can’t locate it.

  48. zee homebug says:

    Liking URQUHART’s above suggestion a lot!