Greens do deal with the Devil

Update: Now Dan Boyle says no deal is done. Political correspondents seem to be losing their patience with the Green Party.

Via the twitter:

Dan boyle just emerged from govt. buildings saying deal has been done. Sargent and Ahern to confirm programme for govt later today.

I actually voted for the Greens in the election and I think they could do a world of good compared to a FF/PDs/Independents coalition. Some of their ideas and policies are off-the-wall but they also will hopefully bring transparency and new thinking to the Government. Best of luck to all of them and I hope Dan Boyle is rewarded for his work.

5 Responses to “Greens do deal with the Devil”

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  2. dahamsta says:

    Is Twitter the new Star? “It has to be true, I read it on Twitter”?

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  4. JL Pagano says:

    I honestly believe this was the will of the people. They wanted Bertie but with a new and more challenging partner. Next step is to see just how challenging they can be. Farmers ain’t gonna like it, that’s for sure. I predict an army of tractors and combine harvesters descending on Dublin City centre before Christmas.

  5. dahamsta says:

    Challenging, pffff. Although they’ll be a damn sight better off without Dan Boyle anyway.