3 announce a Eur19.99 a month 3G Broadband package

Currently testing their 3g laptop card and am very impressed. Now 3 just announced their broadband package will be €19.99 a month with a 10GB download cap. They also announced they now have a USB modem for €129 for those that don’t have laptops. Speeds in Dublin go up to 3.6Mbps.

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  1. Peter says:

    3.6mbps is a bargain at €19.99.

    I’m thinking of changing to 3 (in the UK) but the only thing stopping me is the cost of phoning Irish mobiles. Irish landlines would however be included in my monthly minutes which is good.

    To phone Irish mobiles:
    3 UK 30p/min
    o2 UK 16p/min

  2. Donal says:

    That’s fairly competitive! Might look into that when I’ve moved into my new place. Not sure about signing up with Smart again.

  3. Georgie says:

    Anyone know what coverage is like in the sticks? I’m just outside Ennis in Clare and can’t get ADSL.

  4. Matt says:

    Yeah my one question would be what the reception is like out in Bogland. My sister discovered the only broadband available to her (in north county DUBLIN) was a Vodafone 3G wireless USB dongle thingy, but the 3G signal is patchy at best out in the sticks, even the Dublin sticks. Still, it’s faster than dial-up.

    Still though, even if it’s only at GPRS half the time, €19.99 from 3 is half the price of a Vodafone one.

  5. Matthew says:

    It’s not too shabby at all. I might get it, depending on how my “student lifestyle” costs go. And three seem to have the best coverage. They certainly do here in rural Co. Louth.

  6. Gamma Goblin says:

    Well if its anything like the internet service on their mobile phone network they can shove it up their hole! ! wouldnt touch it with a warty micky!

  7. 4Basra says:

    I’m tempted to give it a try, but I’m in the sticks too – on their map it looks like I’m outside the 3G area.

    Even if it’s GPRS, €19.99 a month is cheaper than I’m paying BT at the moment for 56k (which is really 45-48k).

    And I could use it on the bus/train and stuff when I’m out and about.

    Why oh why can’t they improve coverage and it’d be a bargain?!

  8. Michael Walsh says:

    If I can get it where I am, I really would go for this. It isn’t broadband in the sense I could download everything I wanted, but it sure as heck would be better than the shitty dialup I have here. And yes, I could get satellite, but satellite isn’t broadband. Latency is crap too.

    Now to find someone with a 3G phone in my area and see if they can get 3G reception outside my house.

    The joys of living in boggerland, eh? 🙂

  9. Georgie says:

    I ordered yesterday, got an email saying the card will be delivered tomorrow. I rang trying to get a confirmation that coverage is good but an Indian answered and I just couldn’t communicate with him. They’ve a 14 day money back guarantee anyway so no loss. I’ll believe it when I’m on youtube watching videos before 6.

  10. keith says:

    got it this week works a charm and i out in the deep stick land ten times faster than land line works a treat with u tube vids too

  11. […] Finally got some degree of broadband net access to our house here a few miles outside Ennis, County Clare. ADSL never worked according to the eircom website and cable was obviously a non runner when you’re out in the middle of nowhere. Then last week I heard that three were offering broadband of up to 3.6megabits/second using the 3g phone network. […]

  12. luc-leblanc says:

    Its unbelievable that this government we’ve had for the last 10 years is going to get back in when we still have to use dial up and drive on crap or jammed roads!!!


    Just got it yesterday workd pretty well 212kps down 57up


  14. Sam says:


    Interested in getting this but would i be able to plug the 3G modem into my wireless router to provide access to all the computers in my house?


  15. Damien says:

    Not directly but it can be used as a source for a whole home network.

  16. mark says:

    I have my connection shared so I can use it on other pc’s wireless and on my ps3.

  17. Michael Walsh says:

    Hey Damian
    I don’t have 3G Three reception here at my house (or any Three reception for that matter – probably because I live in a valley).
    No wired broadband.
    I see Vodafone 3G showing up on my O2 Phone though. Is their definition of Unlimited still 5GB and for €50/month too?

    Any insider knowledge if voda are going to drop the price of their 3G + increase the transfer limit to something a little more competitive?

  18. eoiny says:

    Anybody out there know how to get the “three.ie Huawei E220” mobile broadband to work with Blueface VoIP?. Blueface & Three don’t know how to do it. I’ve tried using a Bridge Network setup, i.e., one PC acting as modem/server, and other PC as just a PC for configuring Blueface Router.

    The three modem works great, but can’t get it to work with blueface. Any ideas or solutions?.

  19. joe says:

    got the 3usb broadband,its not great,even in dub city centre,loses connection quite easily,usually click a link then it loses the page then when i click refresh it opens eventually
    doesnt work for file sharing
    ports blocked dial up like transfer speeds on some popular p2p sites and unfortunately the advertised 10gig is up and download combined so be aware of that or you could face a huge bill,hopefully they can iron out the bugs and it could be a good product because the technology has the capabilities to be fantastic in the right hands.

  20. boromike says:

    I’m currently trialing the three 3G USB modem in Dublin. At my office in Park West (Dublin12) I get 384kbps but at home in my apartment in Chapelizod (Dublin20) I can only get average of 57kbps, booooo….

    Has anyone else found the reception varied?????
    I think it will go back as I can get a full 3G O2 signal and they are releasing to the market in 2 weeks. Or try out Vodafone? Double the price but would pay that for the tru broadband experience.

  21. boromike says:

    further update. speeds quoted above for Chapelizod are for 8pm to 11pm.
    tried again at 6.30am – 8.00am and got 450-550kbps
    I guess this means there is a cap on how many connections like adsl and there are lots in my area all using at the same time.

  22. ilovelamp says:

    am using it in galway and all i was getting was 60kb but then i updated the firmware from the huawei.com website and managed to get the speed up to 800-1000kb (as per the speakeasy speed test) but actual download speeds vary…

  23. ilovelamp says:

    i can get 200kb from one website and get 23kb from another one.

  24. FrankC says:

    Can anyone tell me what the latency is like on the usb modem?

  25. Git74 says:

    I was getting pretty good connection 540k up 480k down but the latency was over 200m

  26. Git74 says:

    Ok, were in the huawei.com are the firmware updates???? its drivin me nuts trying to find ’em?

  27. bothairmore says:

    Been using 3G USB broadband services (in various counties) for the past few weeks and I connect, almost always, at the speed 3.6Mbps. Using one of the broadband speed testing tools the results show that I rarely get above 56Kbps (even with 5 bars). Very dissapointed at the speeds that I’m getting. 3G market 99.5% broadband coverage which isn’t much good if the capacity on their network sucks !

  28. Richard says:

    The 3 service is extremely poor in all respects, I live in the sticks of Kildare but the modem was showing a full 3G signal, but I was getting average speeds of 15 -60k. I called the 3 tech support and the Indian told me to live with it!
    Needless to say the modem is now safely back in its box and returned to the shop.
    I have also had to deal with their customer service (on a separate issue) which will test you to your limits, they will blatantly lie to get their call resolved!
    I will stay very far away from them in future, and what ever you do, do not order over the phone coz if you return the modem within the 14 days it will take an age to get your money back, go to the store.

  29. Johnos says:

    I am in Limerick and have had the three modem for around two months. The download speed varies enormously, at its nest its around 400kb at its worst it’s less than 10kb. I have noticed in the last few days that the upload speed has gone completely, probably one or two kb at best. Lots of TCP errors as sessions time out. I am going to write to the regulator to complain. I would advise others to do this as well. 3 have mislead people into thinking this is broadband, on average the speeds are no better than dialup, the service is unreliable and they are clearly not providing the product and service we signed up to. Unless people complain nothing will change.

  30. James says:

    i get 400 kbps up and down on vodafone its perfect

  31. Three 3G broadband service…

    I recently moved out. Now, of course, I am ludicrously dependent on having an Internet connection at all times, so needed one in new flat. DSL wasn’t an option; the building is quite new and telephone hasn’t been connected yet…….

  32. Da Man says:

    I just wanna say i hate the 3 netwok and all it stands for!!!

    1st off i wanna say i work for a company who sells the 3modem and like most people on this is have been conned into getting the modem.. I am currently recieveing 122kbps not the 3.6 meg i was promised!

    The 1st month of my contract I was getting well over 1.5 meg and to be fair for less tham 20Euro a month i was happy with this speed.. NOW i am recieving less than dial up speed and bound by a 12 month contract! I hate it!! I HATE IT!!!!!!

    I like so many people have been conned into thinking this is a good product and even worse i am being MADE sell it

    Sooo, PLS dont vent ur anger @ the sales people who believed it is a good product and have been given false promises that it is improving “next week” cause we are al feeling this about this too


  33. Wickwocks says:

    Thinking of using the three’s 3G modem in the New Ross area has anybody got any experience of it in that area?????

  34. Komputamuso says:

    I was using the 3 modem in New Ross on Sunday and it was up to it’s usual standards. In Wexford Town the service has improved somewhat over the last two months to a level I’d describe as ‘moderately bearable’, that is I’m not getting stress pains in the neck any more when surfing! Still no ftp, still no port forwarding, still intermittent half day complete drops in service (always around the time I have to send that urgent e-mail), some websites seem to just crawl. If your internet needs are basic (email, some web-browsing, no on-line games or big downloads, cludgy ftp-ing) and u don’t mind the drops in service then go for it. If, however, the 3 mobile broadband causes you the stress induced heart-attack I think I’m gonna get using this service, sue them not me!!!

  35. KEVINR says:

    In the midlands 25km SW of Portlaoise …….. I won’t be paying the bill!

  36. stuart says:

    hi im a broadband specialist at a carphone warehouse and the three usb is a great way to access the internet if you dont youre going to hi the limits for example the 3usb in the uk has three different tariff alowences of 1gb 3 gb and 7gb respectiveley this is good valure for money for the prices they are but as soon as you go over the limits it is 10p per mb which is expensive. i would recomend the tmobile and orange dongle/modem which offer unlimited browsing witha fair use policy of 3gb for £15 pound a month and you dont get charged if you go ov er which is outstanding value

  37. gordan says:

    hey everybody im trying to buy a 3G rotor for my 3 ireland broadband
    do’s anybody know where to get one
    i can order them in from america but can im tryin to see if you can
    get them here
    leave me a comment

  38. Hi,

    I live in clonaslee and just inquiring about the 3g broadband for my laptop, is the 3g coverage in Clonaslee Co Laois

  39. joey t says:

    the 3 broadband modem is crap,do not purchased this fake item.i get tcp/network errors on nearly every webpage.”smooth web surfing”my ass.do not purchase this imitation toy.

  40. tony mangan says:

    3g greatest load of rubbish of a service i have ever seen in my entire life, i have been in all parts of ireland and it just got worse as i travelled around , you would be qucker posting a message than sending it by email or any other service that 3 has to offer. Tony