Hugh Macleod Business Cards – Every asshole should have one

I’ve been bitten by the Macleod bug and have shelled out for a few business cards from Streetcards.

Side A:
Damien Mulley Business Card

Side B:
Damien Mulley Business Card

The reaction has been interesting, some people laugh out loud and pocket the card. Some laugh out loud, pocket the card and then you can see them saying “What a fucking wanker” to themselves. The 3rd kind look at the card and tell me it is not funny and business people should take business seriously yadda yadda yadda. The 4th kind laugh at the card and then tell me I’m an asshole. I can work with these people the best.

Still, whoever I give the card to, there’s always a reaction, unlike when I get cards from most people where it’s a mechanical movement from one wallet to the other without any brain cells being stimulated. That’s the good thing about Hugh’s work, it always fires up those neurons, be it cards, suits or wine.

At least it’s not like the scene from American Psycho:

Edit: Howdy Hughsters!

4 Responses to “Hugh Macleod Business Cards – Every asshole should have one”

  1. […] Damien Mulley posted about Hughcard’s this week too. The back of his own card is admirable and Seth Godin covers the topic of brown cow business cards in Purple Cow. […]

  2. […] One of the great things about this medium is it gives potential employers and employees the opportunity to size each other up. Take Damien Mulley for example – no doubts as to what he’s about or what he stands for.   […]

  3. frankp says:


    Business people should take business seriously if that’s how they want to do business. Those of us who want to actually enjoy what we do should have cards like this.

    Nice one Damien.

  4. […] I got some Hugh Macleod business cards a small while ago and the crowd I got them off are having a sale on the Hughcards and loads of other cards too. I think the sale ends tomorrow. I might actually get some more cards myself. […]