Best of luck to all the Irish Secretaries at their event tomorrow

Best of luck to Claire and Annette and all the others who are going to their secretary conference tomorrow in Westport. Sorry, that’s not PC. The conference for P.A.s. I hope the Women in Business conference is good. It’s very nice of their man bosses to let them off for the day.

Conn and Keith are going along to it too, even though I hear they’re not women. They’re not the only males there though. In this liberal age you are allowed to be a secretary if you’re a bloke. It’s what many gay men go and do if they don’t want to work as hairdressers, cabin crew or blogorrah writers. Conn says he is giving a practical workshop on how to park. Keith is giving a talk on how to make the workplace more family friendly/orientated and how it can actually save the company money. One of his ideas he says is to remove all desks from the office and replace them with ironing boards. No need for a boss to spend money on a laundrette anymore. With so many women and so few blokes, one thing is for sure, they’ll never be short of cups of tea.

The lads were happy enough to send me on the itinerary:

  • Welcome and introduction.
  • Dress for success: Smart blouses to keep the boss happy but not tempted.
  • Empowerment: You can type faster. Reach for those keys!
  • Networking for Women: How to give your boss’ cards to the P.A.s of potential clients.
  • Lunch. Men served first!
  • Roundtable: Glass ceilings in business. Windowlene or Mr. Muscle?
  • Break to watch Oprah.
  • Workshops
  • Closing talk.

Here’s a video I thought everyone would like.

So right, the serious bit. I’d have loved to have gone actually but at least I can listen to some podcasts. Look forward too to see some live blogging at it.

10 Responses to “Best of luck to all the Irish Secretaries at their event tomorrow”

  1. annette says:

    fecker…there’ll be no live blogging because the boys will be busy being pampered and the girls don’t know how to use technology … where are you Damien when we need you eh?

  2. Twenty Major says:

    Who’s going to make the coffee?

    They all are!!

  3. annette says:

    Mulley after this I am no longer using your services to do my weekly laundry and house cleaning – you’re fired!

  4. Damien says:

    Woman, I already have a sexual harassment case against you over that when you tricked me into believing dusting naked was better for my clothes.

  5. Claire says:

    Cheeky sod…you forgot about the receptionists.

  6. annette says:

    You dusting naked is perfectly fine for my clothes thank you

  7. aileen says:

    This is too funny – have published a link on IBW website!

    Damien, i haven’t seen your pics or pecs but we are currently looking for an office toy boy seeing as you lost your good job at annette’s. Please feel free to apply. The chocolate fountain guy from the conference is in the running. Love your agenda! You forgot “Work/Life Balance – You still have/need to get a husband – pretend to be dumb so he will like you”

  8. Cris says:

    I’ve been meaning to reply to this for days but kept forgetting to ask my husband how to do it.
    I was at the secretaries conference and was very disappointed that there were no practical topics covered. I’m still struggling with managing to type with long nails. My time management is obviously a bit weak because I seem to head home every evening with chipped nails – I just don’t seem to have the time to file them neatly during the day. I only get to chat with a couple of pals during the day when the boss is out of the office and I don’t always get to reply to all my private emails before 5 o’clock. Also, Surely SOMEone, SOMEwhere has come up with tights that don’t ladder so easily. No mention of them at the conference.
    I know how to make good coffee but still struggle with tea and it’s the practical skills like these which I felt were missing. I’ll have a word with the organisers and hope to sway them a little for next year.
    Loved the Dolly video. It’s the song I sing each morning to get me motivated. Dolly rocks.
    Damien, I haven’t seen your pics or pecs either but would love someone to come into my home to dust naked. Now that Annette has no further use for you……

  9. annette says:

    Damo I have seen your pics (and a hint of your pecs) should we start an auction?

  10. Damien says:

    Ladies, ladies, this sexualising me and turning me into some object of desire. FAB!