Green Party Political Broadcast – Best Cinematography in an Election Ad

Another party political broadcast and like Fianna Fail it is without any members of the party. The Greens have decided to use kids in their video (and I’m sure people will cry out about child exploitation). Overall maybe it is good to have kids explain the issues in the simple way kids explain things but a kid talking about universal broadband and another one talking about corporate donations just seems forced and unnatural. A great pity that they are blocking comments on the videos.

Slickest video I’ve seen to date though. How many of the kids are vaccination free I wonder?

3 mins video here:

1 min video here:

The video itself very much reminded me of this Sigur Ros video which has the same colourful cinematography and also uses kids:

6 Responses to “Green Party Political Broadcast – Best Cinematography in an Election Ad”

  1. Definitely the best one I’ve seen yet. Good cinematography, as you said.

    The broadband and corporate donations part didn’t seem too forced to me. Talking about something they don’t not fully understand, maybe, but plenty of kids would have an opinion on those things.

  2. Could they get the kids to explain the Bertie saga, first to Bertie and then to the rest of us just so we’ll all understand?

  3. Stephen Crowley says:

    comments now enabled..

    I wonder is it because of the mail I sent them.

  4. neil says:

    Definitely the best one going. Uses the critical thinker in every young person to appeal to the young person in every adult. I like the “Vote for Me” at the end. It’s not often you get such a non-cheesy pun.

    Corporate donations doesn’t seem too forced to me, but the broadband one would work better with an older child. maybe sitting waiting for Bebo to load: “I wish we could get broadband”

  5. Tipster says:

    And a multi-ethnic cast too. Is the Green Party the Educate Together sector in politics?

  6. Neddam says:

    No, its the progressive sector in politics.

    I thought the ad was nice, projected a geatly needed positive image onto the GP.

    The featuring of the kids was also a throwback to their very popular 2007 GE braodcast which i thought was kool and worked well.