Fluffy Links – May 15th 2007

Happy blirthday blather. Yeah I’m late.

Tim Worstall points out that now even accountants are saying the sky is falling in relation to Second Life and calling it a potential haven for terrorists. Nice smackdown:

Couldn’t be anything at all to do with the thought that if 6 million people can rub along online without any external control then as people begin to realise this, they might wonder whether they need such controlling out here in meatspace now could it?

Vermont has brought about a universal service obligation for mobile services AND broadband, meaning everyone who signs up for one of these has to be given it. 100% coverage.

Alan Moore’s wedding.

Via Rashomon is Bjork live in NYC singing All is Full of Love:

Yahoo! interview Dave Weinberger about lots of things including his new book Everything is Miscellaneous

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