I feel Seasick – Fianna Fáil’s Party Political Broadcast

The techno music in the background, they appealing to boyracers? The constant moving of the fucking camera is REALLY annoying. Stop. Stoppppp. Getting seasick here!

Why are there no Fianna Fáil people in the video? Where’s Bertie? The content itself is hilarious, with people talking about the great stuff that FF have done. Plastic bags costing 15cents. Yay! “The National Treatment Purchase Plan”, oh would ya fuck off with that shite. Like a normal person would talk about that. Still the people in the video do appear to be totally natural unlike those in the Labour video where it was obvious they’re actors (though still kicking the ass of anyone on Fair City). All in all it felt like it was a video ad for a fitness gym because of the music, you just wanted it to end sooner.

5 Responses to “I feel Seasick – Fianna Fáil’s Party Political Broadcast”

  1. Twenty Major says:


    “We have electricity, telephones and television”. Fuck me.

  2. […] Fianna Fáil however have done something quite startling. After all those Cult of Bertie roadside posters which really, really get on my wick when I’m driving down the country, they have managed to produce a good party political broadcast which does not – unlike the Fine Gael effort – look like it was produced in a post-Cold War ex-Soviet Republic that hasn’t quite got the hang of democracy and election campaigning. They produced a party political broadcast that almost certainly uses party hacks and models but which somehow, is convincingly like life to most people in Ireland. If you go over to Damien Mulley’s site, you’ll see he’s not quite so convinced but… I think it’s interesting because it picks up on facets of people’s lives, the things that are important to people. […]

  3. neil says:

    The actors speaking Irish are so obviously reading from a big board off camera left.

    Why are they all laughing their arses off at the start?
    “You want me to say THAT? Ahhh ha ha ha”

  4. Suzy says:

    and they couldn’t find a dub? Ah yes the Dublin implosion for FF. And what fisherman is going to vote FF after this government – he’s talking about tax savings – that’s the least of the fishing industries worries.

  5. Dan Sullivan says:

    “People forget how badly managed Ireland was for a very long time?” And it seems people forget what party was in power on its own for a very long time too.

    The advances in medical technology are down to the government? Christ, now I’m really worried about SFI’s research direction.

    And we’re one of the top no.1 economies in Europe, which is nice.

    And don’t those Americans have all their problems…