Noel Dempsey blog shows the Vincent Browne Video and more

Well I never. Nice to see that I can watch Vincent Browne take Bertie to pieces on the official Noel Dempsey Blog:

Vincent on Noel's blog

And also nice to see I can watch Bertie get mauled on the Dragon’s Den too:
Dempsey laughs at Bertie on the Dragon's Den

Perhaps the Video widget on the sidebar shouldn’t display any video that is tagged with Fianna Fail?

Sidebar blues

Meanwhile Noel shows a picture from his new movie “The Sound of Music 2: The Celtic Tiger”:
Dempsey sings The hills are alive with the sound of music

One Response to “Noel Dempsey blog shows the Vincent Browne Video and more”

  1. […] Catch of the day goes to Damien who spotted that Noel Dempsey’s blog was sporting two youtubes that he might prefer us not to see. The blog was showing Vincent Browne’s exchange with Bertie from last week as well as the video of Bertie taking on the Dragons in the Den. […]