Tayto are mass littering the whole country

Include the following words in the meeting that Tayto executives had with their “morkoting team” over their littering campaign. Viral. Dynamic. Guerilla. Paradigm. Long tail. Blawwg. Podcast. Bebo. MySpace generation. As a clever stunt it seems Tayto are running an ad campaign for a fake election candidate called Mr. Tayto. All well and good. Except…

Except only election candidates can put their posters on the poles. Commercial operators cannot. That did not stop Tayto putting their fake campaign posters on every pole in Ashbourne. See here. I’m hearing reports of other places too getting the same treatment.

Litter bugs! I’ll be calling the Ashbourne council in the morning to see will they be fining Tayto for each pole they littered on or is this allowed in the town or are the town getting a monetary contribution over this?

Tayto spam

Edit: Despite Tayto telling the media that the posters are taken down in the evening, Mick took more pics which show they were still there at 10pm.

14 Responses to “Tayto are mass littering the whole country”

  1. James says:

    Have to say i would probably vote for Mister Tayto at this rate. Is that ‘high speed internet’ company also advertising on the pole?

  2. Alan says:

    He’s on the poles in a good few places in Wicklow as well, but it’s Mr. Tayto – he’s an institution in Ireland – don’t get him into trouble with a call to the council ! I’d say they are “on the case” already to be honest – councils light on things like this very quickly, and so they should. Ireland has a far bigger litter problem in the amount of households that dump rubbish by the side of the road. But, we wouldn’t have this problem if waste collection was privatised — sigh, but that’s a whole other sorry story.

  3. Alan says:

    typo above, should have said “we have this problem since waste collection was privatised”

  4. Noel Rock says:

    “the polls.” No, poles! He’s not on any polls.

    Also, they take them down every afternoon apparently. This was on Joe Duffy today with city wardens getting waaaaay too worked up over it.

  5. Brian Greene says:

    bye laws say:- you can advertise public meetings via posters on poles all year round. general rule, 7 days before to 7 days after event date (unless town or city ban them like Dublin City). The Circus get away with this. Most of my public meetings on masts or iraq or bin charges are done that way.
    Tayto have no meeting! unless their sacked work force in Coolock join forces with the job losses pending around the corner in Cadbury and around the next corner in Smurfit.

    Has anyone noticed the pinstripe of mr. tayto is gone! he used to look like Rambo Burke in that fetching pinstripe.

  6. Matt says:

    As big a town as Ashbourne has become over the past few years (I grew up nearby), I still don’t think it has it’s own council! I believe you meant the MEATH council, yes? 🙂

    Besides, Tayto isn’t even Tayto anymore, since they were taken over by Largo, who make Perri crisps, and now Tayto too, in Ashbourne.

  7. Anthony says:

    Rumour suggest that Father Jack is managing his PR.

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  9. squid says:

    It is quite possible that the company would be more than happy to obsorb the fine for the poster, it is after all only €125 per poster

  10. Larkin says:

    I’ll be giving my no. 1 preference to Mr Tayto, my no. 2 preference to Mr Perri, no. 3 to Mr King and a distant 4th to Mr Walker.

    It’s all a bit of fun for a couple of weeks and as long as they take everything down, including the plastic ties, then I have no issue with it.

    The only reason they can get away with it is because as Alan says, Mr Tayto is an Irish institution. We’ve all grown up with Mr Tayto. We can probably remember how much our first bag of Taytos cost (5p in my case).Walkers would not be allowed to get away with it in my book.

  11. David Doran says:

    Saw them on the way home, still there.

  12. Des says:

    I’d sooner be looking at Mr. Tayto (remember when they were 3p a bag ?) than the proliferation of Coveney, Clune, Buttimer,Martin & Dennehy we get on each pole …and if i’s a tall pole they’ll throw Bertie on as well for good measure.

  13. the_syco says:

    The amount of politicians who leave their posters there after the election is also unreal. Usually takes a while for them to come down, longer for the losers.

  14. stiofain says:

    wise up, why would you go calling the council. Leave Mr Tayto alone I say.