Fluffy Links – May 8th 2007

Overhear.us review. A site that encourages anonymous comments about your company from your employees. Then charges you to address this bunch of anonymous people. They’re selling this as some kind of HR tool. Uhm, right. I don’t think this could survive more than a day in Ireland. RateMySolicitor anyone?

Greed is good and Gecko is back!


Via Of Laws and Men, it seems the PDs want to watch the watchers or at least make regulators more accountable.

This is Sparta. Cleanup on aisle 5.

6 Drummers. First time seeing this but it has done the rounds. This is like Stomp but inside an apartment:

Via Metafilter, it seems authors are now making video ads for their new books.

I wonder will Twenty Major do one for his book? With millions looking at YouTube every day it makes great sense to do something like that. Course you still need to make it interesting enough for it to become viral and get you millions of views.

2 Responses to “Fluffy Links – May 8th 2007”

  1. Niall says:

    Didn’t Ratemysolicitor fail because of lawyers clamping down on it, not because people weren’t interested in the idea?

  2. thanks for the review. lawyers can get in the way of a good idea in a couple ways. but not if you don’t save the bad stuff.