Vincent Browne is a badass mutha

Vincent Browne taking on Bertie Ahern now on YouTube. Also taking PJ Meara down brilliantly. Quality not great. (see how long it lasts):

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  1. […] Bertie versus Vincent May 4th, 2007 — Chris Here’s a great clip of Vincent taking on Bertie at the FF manifesto launch yesterday (thanks to Damien who spotted it first). Look out for Bertie’s expression around 1.11 – up until then he’s literally had his head sunk into his chest in a oh-god-not-today-Vincent-please-piss-off way, but suddenly gets his game face on. Not to great effect, unfortunately. Vincent demolishes him. […]

  2. […] UPDATE: Damien’s got the jump on me and has found a link this afternoon. Coverage from Infactah and Twenty. reminds us, lest we forget, that bank accounts are not the safest place to store tens of thousands of pounds. […]

  3. Andrew says:

    That money was just resting in his account.

  4. blankpaige says:

    The money wasn’t in Bertie’s account ‘cos he didn’t have a bank account. It was resting in his office safe. And he just happened to be sleeping in his office on a blowup bed next to the safe on account of his marriage breakup which was going through a messy divorce which was why he didn’t want to have a bank account which would have allowed Miriam’s lawyers to go after, which would have left him severely financially compromised on account of the fact that he’d a high maintenance girlfriend to bankroll which was why he got her to take the cash in the first place because he couldn’t be seen to take money cos he was Minister for Finance.

    Now he was Minister for Finance who took his custodianship of public funds so seriously that he slept on a blowup bed next to a safe containing public funds. Now you can’t get much more committed that that, can you?

  5. Andrew says:

    That money was just resting next to his blow-up bed.

  6. FrankP says:

    Been having computer troubles lately, only got to watch this now, but I had read several transcripts in several papers…

    It seems to me, if the other transcripts and reports were accurate, that RTE have given as favourable as possible an edit of these procedings to Bertie.

    What happened to the questions about the subsequent sum Bertie added to the 30,000? Weren’t those questions asked just after where they cut off?

    “”You are claiming that that the 30,000 was for the renovation of a house in which you were putting 50,000 towards that, a total of 80,000 for the renovation of a house that was worth no more than 140,000 or 150,000 at the time when the house was only three or four years-old at the time,” Mr Browne said.”

    And when Browne pressed Bertie on WHY he would invest so much money in investing a house he was only going to rent, and which was only worth Bertie replied along the lines of ‘Because that’s why.’

    Also I heard someone tried to physically take Vincent Browne’s mic…