Fluffy Links – May 2nd 2007

Oops. Crowded House went on stage a few hours before Rage Against the Machine for their own reunion concert. The crowd were not at all happy.

And … nothing. By this point we were far back into the crowd, and you had to be there to appreciate just how thunderous this silence was.

Yeah Sufjan, yeah! So there.

PrezVid points out how the French do TV debates. Pity the guys can’t do it here.

Tales from recovery of anorexia.

Google has about 900 millionaires. Microsoft has so far made 12,000.

Via Smartmobs:This thingymabob removes ads from webpages and replaces them with art. Cute.

I finally finish with IrelandOffline on June 9th. Replacements wanted. (Not as if I can take a rest then. 3 new Mulley projects on the way around same time.)


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