Resources for when politicians call

We’ll all be getting visits from various campaigners over the next few days and weeks. To help you out with this, here are the expenses claimed by all your sitting TDs for 2005 and if any Senators call, here is the list for them.

Here are some suggested questions to ask from various bloggers or maybe you can use this list from the EastMeath blog or maybe any of the ones directed to Batt O’Keeffe. Conor O’Neill has some good ones in relation to the TB outbreak in Cork.

You can also see the policies of political parties in relation to equality rights here.

Don’t forget to have a look at websites such as, and Irish Politics aggregator Politics In Ireland and if you want to see all the videos from all the campaigns, then stop by

And don’t forget about the doorstep challenge.

Edit: John Ward has some questions too.

Later: More from Adam. More from Antoin. More from Bernie.

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