Fluffy Links – May 1st 2007

So there’s some fuss about a live TV debate between the party leaders and whether it’ll be on RTE and TV3 or just one or both. I can’t see a reason why this can’t happen in each constituency and done by locals and stuck up on Google Video.

Seems a PR company in Ireland is offering their services to companies looking for BES funding, for a cut.

Simpson Financial & Technology PR has launched a new service to help early stage technology companies raise profile in advance of a BES or venture capital funding round. The announcement follows the move by the Government to increase BES limits per company to €2m and individual personal limits to €150,000.

Pity their blog is so out of date.

Speaking of which, the Digiweb blog doesn’t seem to allow comments.

Maddox on stock photos. Ahhh Maddox.

France 2 caught making up shit about Sarkozy. Like that was needed!

The original sentence of Sarkozy was “I invite all the French to join forces with me” the translator wrote “to rally my inflated ego

Fun way of playing a prank on a friend.

Via Kottke: Note to Will Self. Will Self’s sticky notes.

Elephant Gun by Beirut.

And now an IRC channel for the 2007 Election. Gopher to follow.

One Response to “Fluffy Links – May 1st 2007”

  1. That “come clean” video link is full of potential for the next three weeks pre-election. I’m not convinced that my effort is that funny but there are plenty of talented comics out there that could have a field day with this. 🙂