ShareIT – Dublin event postponed

Due to very low uptake , the training event from ShareIT on April 28th ShareIT has been postponed. I’ll be looking into how to work with local organisations in future to boost numbers but with just 9 people registered, there was no way I could run the event on Saturday. Apologies to those that did register, the trainers who were doing all of the work for free and to Microsoft for offering the venue. I think for future events I’ll run a register so that an event will take place if 30 or more people register to attend in a given city.

6 Responses to “ShareIT – Dublin event postponed”

  1. I think the low uptake was partially because many of the attendees are able to give up only one Saturday a month to tech events and they already had their fill at Barcamp Dublin last weekend.

  2. Sorry to hear that Damien. The partnering with organisations who already have networks into your audience is probably key to this (as you have pointed out yourself). would probably have trundled along very slowly by itself – however working with CEB’s makes it much easier to pull numbers and sustain the initiative.


  3. Stephen Crowley says:

    was going to head to this and register late.. as in wednesday. if you postpone it as you say I will definitely turn up to the next one especially if its in June.

  4. Hi,
    We heard about the Share IT day from one of the presenters at the Cork meeting (sounded great), and logged on today to sign up for the 28th – too late. What’s the best way to keep in touch with updates, when the event is rescheduled? We did visit the Share IT site a couple of times, but it seemed to be more focused on the Cork event, and we couldn’t find anywhere to sign up for Dublin? (This was a few weeks ago…)

    Lynn Elliott

  5. Paul Browne says:

    As a ‘partnering organisation’ I’d suggest Plato, the Chambers of commerce and the County Enterprise Boards.

    All are full of people crying out for the kind of knowledge ShareIT has, but who just don’t know it yet …


  6. Damien,

    As discussed, IT@Cork would be happy to work with you on future Cork events.

    fair dues to you bieeeeee