Web 2.0 Usability – Feedback?

Primal Sneeze is looking for some feedback on Web 2.0 Usability.

I’ve been lumped with doing a paper on the usability of Web 2.0 applications. In this context, Web 2.0 means Blogger, WordPress, Flikr, Feedburner etc.

Send your feedback!

2 Responses to “Web 2.0 Usability – Feedback?”

  1. Thanks for the link, Damien. Thanks very many .. as they say .. where I’m from.

    This is a minor paper. An exercise if you will. Not a thesis. However, Usability of Web 2.0 is a contender for my thesis. I am beginning to think it may be number one in my list. As Sharon O’ Suillibhan just pointed out on my blog, there are many serious issues to be tackled – not least, the lack of support from so called ‘support teams’.

    Thanks again, Damien (and Sharon). I think my Michael Rodent paper may very well become my thesis.

  2. Hi again , ‘PS’ – and a BIG ‘HI’ to you , too , Damo !

    Best of luck with your project , ‘PS’ : you may have bitten off more than you can chew in relation to the ‘Blogspot’ platform – we find it useful and ‘workable’ when it operates as it should but , when it gives trouble (which can be fairly often) , it is extremely frustrating to be dependent on others (so-called ‘Support Team’s) to ‘fix’ the damn thing for you !
    Also , you might have to include a paragraph on ‘Jealously’ in your project because , when poor Damien realises that he is not the only one I am ‘stalking’ he will need an outlet for his rage… !

    Sharon .