Get thee to another BarCamp – BarCamp Dublin April 21st

Go sign up for BarCamp Dublin. I won’t be attending but were I going I’d be taking a seat at the following talks, which are but a few of many on offer on Saturday and all free and all set at the Digital Hub in Dublin:

  • Tom Raftery. CIX – Setting up an energy efficient/carbon neutral Data Centre.
  • Eoin O’Dell. Law of Blogs; Blogs of Law
  • Darren Barefoot, Social media marketing, or how I learned to love the mob.
  • Colin Whittaker, The realities of building an LLU network in Ireland.
  • Keith Bohanna & Tom Corcoran, Keith; GTD – my implementation of Getting Things Done – I’ve Practiced, now I’ll Preach, Tom; Spreading the Word – his experience of getting a team up to GTD speed
  • John Ward. Cengal – Selling Web 2.0 to Irish Financial Institutions.

Well done to the organisers of this event.

2 Responses to “Get thee to another BarCamp – BarCamp Dublin April 21st”

  1. eoin says:

    Hi Damien,

    You’ll see from the blogs that BarCampDublin was a great day out, but you didn’t miss anything much in my presentation. But if you feel like checking it out, the slides are now up here (after a heroic running battle all day yesterday between me on the one side, and my slides, photo, wordpress upload feature, and fetch on the other, which they won).