Cheap photo prints 1p for a limited time only

Cheap 1p photos. Terms and conditions. Yadda yadda. 70 prints at most. Offer ends midday Wednesday 18th April 2007. Extended til midday Thursday 19th April.

5 Responses to “Cheap photo prints 1p for a limited time only”

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  2. Anthony says:

    I wish they had the facility to import pics from Flickr. Pain in the arse downloading them all and then uploading them into that.

  3. Phil O'Kane says:

    thats just great. I find your post at 3 mins past miidday.

  4. Damien says:

    Extended til tomorrow!

  5. Ken McGuire says:

    He he… and I had gotten an email from Photobox on Friday deleting all my photos as I hadn’t logged in in months or ever printed anything.

    Re-uploaded and ordered up 58 prints this morning… sign up for a new account and you can bag an additional 30 prints for free as well. 2.91 for my order, 2.50 of that was postage, makes me quite happy 🙂