Posting will once again resume…

I had planned to have my physical breakdown around June, once my schedule was free. 😉 I wish I was like Hannibal in the A-Team. (Not the dead part.) After my two minute checkup at Southdoc this morning around 7am they gave me augmentin. a few hours after taking it I got very very ill. The doctors claim it is not a reaction to the augmentin but food poisoning. Hell, they know best if they can charge 60 quid for 2 minutes work.

This evening they changed the meds from augmentin to distaclor (just in case) for what they later today told me was tonsilitis, motlium so I don’t puke the funky blue pills up, immodium for other end, dioralyte to rebalance salts after spending the day vomiting, strepsils for the throat and paracetamol for the fever. The pharmacy also refused to take back the augmentin.

Talk to y’all in a few days. I think I already had a few automated posts lined up. So, enjoy!

p.s. The new trailers for the Transformers movies are fantastic and Doctor Who last night rocked as well.

9 Responses to “Posting will once again resume…”

  1. Get well soon matey. I had the joy of Immodium+Motilium+Dioralyte recently too. Why don’t they package them up into a new combined treatment called SpewSquittaStop Salts?

    3-year old daughter thought Doctor Who rocked too. She was pissed off I didn’t keep it in the Sky+. Same kid is scared of house flys.

  2. You of all people , Damien , will not be laid low for too long by any bug/virus !

    I recently suffered a ‘smaller’ version of your ailment , as did one of the children . If nothing else – when it passes – it will leave you feeling grateful for whatever level of better health you enjoy .
    The enforced ‘down time’ may , in itself , be a blessing in disguise .
    Get well soon !

    Sharon .

  3. Tipster says:

    Fuck sake, that’s some pharmacopia they have you on. Are you allowed to take a whiskey on top of all that? From the sound of things, you could do with the odd one over the next few days.

    Take care of yourself.

  4. Get carbon tablets, best ever.

  5. Bad news, get well soon. That’s one infection NOD32 won’t protect against.

  6. Branedy says:

    You know you should have taken the Red Pill, the Blue one always dumps you in the sewer.

  7. Declan says:

    Sounds nasty, great to be a doctor and a pharmacist though. The more they mess up the more money they make.

  8. Dan Sullivan says:

    Get rest and get well soon