R.E.M. Play 5 nights in Olympia (Dublin, Ireland) in July

Via this cranky git. I got mine: Wed 4th Jul 2007 Olympia Theatre tickets (Reserved seats (circle)) 2 € 50.00 € 100.00

Go get yours.

The five shows in Dublin will showcase songs from these spring recording sessions and, as such, will be a rare opportunity to hear songs before they are released on record. The Olympia dates are the only scheduled shows for R.E.M. in 2007.

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9 Responses to “R.E.M. Play 5 nights in Olympia (Dublin, Ireland) in July”

  1. And no credit… There should be some sort of Blogger etiquette

  2. dt says:

    sold out already it appears. g’damn

  3. Matt says:

    I might try to get a couple of tickets for that. Seeing as I am the man.

    I’ll have my people look into it.

  4. I have a slice of toast for The Man if he has two tickets for the same night in his pocket for me.

  5. Conortje says:

    Got me two tickets for the 5th – should be a great night!

  6. Heather says:

    I’m looking for 2 tickets for any night. If anyone has any extras, please email me! I can’t afford much over face value. Thank you!

  7. johann says:

    Hi i’m looking for 1 or 2 tickets for any night.
    Please contact me with my mail
    thanks a lot

  8. Skeeter says:

    I’m looking for 2 reserced circle tix for July 3rd. Can anyone help? Will pay decent price

  9. Skeeter says:

    My e-mail: skeeter1@start.no