ComReg costs 20M a year to run – Bang for your buck

Now, I must admit I cannot read balance sheets but on page 51 of this document on the accounts for year ending June 2005, it seems from reading it that ComReg blow 20M a year on “stuff”. Such as:

  • Staff Costs 8.719Million (They have 112 staff)
  • Technical Advice (Consultants) 4.115Million
  • Legal Expenses 4.451Million
  • Advertising 23,000
  • Administrative Expenses 2.277Million
  • Auditors’ Remuneration 12,000
  • Premises and Related Expenses 1.249Million
  • Depreciation 244,000
  • Subscriptions to International Organisations 630,000

Unfortunately we cannot see 2006 because they are allowed bury it until the year after they give it to the Minister. Handy that.

14 Responses to “ComReg costs 20M a year to run – Bang for your buck”

  1. Conor says:

    So breaking down 8.7 million over 112 staff turns out to be 77k.

    I think I’m in the wrong industry.

    (Yes yes I know some are paid more then others but still for 112 staff doesn’t that seem a little high to you?)

  2. frankp says:

    Wow. I really should edit BifSniff’s caption competition to include the public being serviced by the Poodle while the Poodle is being serviced by the TelComs.

  3. Paul Walsh says:

    I can’t believe they can get away with this. I mean, their budget for consultants (I’m assuming ComReg management are non-executives for some of them) is half that of 112 full time staff.

    1.249Million for 112 staff is absolutely ridiculous.

    I think they need to dedicate more funds to independent auditing!

  4. Paul Walsh says:

    … 1.249Million for an office

    O2 Pulled out of Hammersmith (London prime location) because they were paying just over that for about 300 staff – and that’s a company worth £14.4b.

  5. On face value the average figure of 77K per employee does seem a little high (even with a Dublin weighting); but you have to consider that a good number of lower paid workers can be offset by a couple of very highly paid workers.

    I wonder how much Mr. ComReg himself is paid?

    I also think the technical consultancy fees are huge. If the consultancy rate was (say) 1000 euro a day then that’s equivalent to having 11 consultants on-site for each day of the year including weekends and bank-holidays. Now if that’s not easy money then I don’t know what is.


  6. Think PWC are the resident bitch on this and they can go for 2k/3k. Applied for a job there and still no word back. D, have you heard re your application?

  7. Gerry says:

    Worth every penny of it they are. They’ve dragged Ireland kicking and screaming into the digital age. Some one promise them a bonus as part of their election manifesto please.

  8. Some of these data smell worthy of a Freedom of Information request.

  9. Daithí says:

    Four million in legal?


  10. Dan Sullivan says:

    Have to say the auditors and the advertising look tremendously good value in comparison.

  11. UnaRocks says:

    What’s their budget for DOING stuff? Don’t see it on that list.

  12. Dan Sullivan says:

    Perhaps, they are like the US DoD and they are hiding their spending and they have a secret lair where they plot to ensure the safety of the domestic telecoms infrastructure?

  13. squid says:

    The ComReg raid on Radio Limerick One last december cost comreg €30,000

  14. […] Now I can guarantee you from my personal investigations that this short code is owned by O2, below is this Fridays email which isn’t even in English I think, what a bunch of muppets, another 20 million enterprise I suppose. […]