Fluffy Links – March 26th 2007

Gift. The real Roy Keane meets the one from Gift Grub. The real Roy is funnier, in a way. Serious fecker isn’t he?

Dear Fine Gael. Is it like rain on your wedding day? Or like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife, cos putting out a press release taking the piss out of Fianna Fáil’s website not working while at the same time the page for your press release renders horrifically on Firefox would be ironic. Edit: Screencap of awful looking FG page.

And now Fianna Fáil have a skype address. Let the fun begin.

Could you make a worse logo? I think not.

Shine a light with cuff lights. I’m reminded of Inspector Gadget.

So the PS3 launched and Microsoft had some fun with it. In London, people were given chairs to sit on while waiting in the queue. The chairs had a url and when people went to them there was a message from Microsoft about the long delays for the PS3.

Also in London they showed that a PS3 is the same price as an xBox360 and a whole lotta beer. They also did the same in New Zealand.

Nice to see some other Fianna Fáilers using blogs to talk about local issues. I’m sure the Blakester was feeling alone.

Jeff Jarvis. I link to him a lot. Here’s a video of him.

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