Link love – March 21st 2007

She was fucking robbed. It was all a setup. Yer man that runs the Awards is Twenty’s brother like. Of course he was going to win. Shafted she was. The Swearing Lady, ladies and gentlemen. This brilliant woman deserves more attention and if any press people are reading, suggest her to your editors. Original talent is needed and she has it. This has been a party-political broadcast on behalf of Sweary.

Joe Johnson is staying sane while in Germany. He has done this by turning the heart-rendering lyrics of Haddaway into mathematical equations and writing basic maths books for school kids. This has rightly pissed off the other 4 publishers in this strangely enough not-so-niche market. But what is love? Feedburner feed. Twitter profile. LinkedIn profile.

Red Fly is the ointment for your SEO itchy bits. Let me try again. Red Fly at night, SEO delight. Red Fly makes you get found when Googled. So there, you know now.

Adam Maguire was not seen on the grassy knoll. The answer to his motivation is not in Catcher in the Rye. Check out his blog, just in case, you know… Also check out his fab Dail30 project where he hopes to interview every one of the “representatives of the people”.

7 Responses to “Link love – March 21st 2007”

  1. Green Ink says:

    What he said. About Sweary.

  2. […] Who would you like to see published? I briefly mentioned her before, but The Swearing Lady should get a book deal. She writes one of my favourite blogs. A book deal is on her list to Santy and everything, and it’ll make her very happy and bring her writing to a whole new audience! Damien had the same idea this morning. Great minds eh? […]

  3. […] hehe, thanks Damien for the love. Actually quite a few people don’t know who you are so lets just mention a few things I know of. […]

  4. Twenty Major says:

    Nice one, brother. Same time next year then? Will O’Shea keep his mouth shut for another year though?

    If not we’ll knock him off and get Dave Fanning in. Shove him a couple of grand and he’ll say anything you want him to say.

  5. That Twenty. Such a scoundrel!

    And you, Damo. One day I will repay you. Unless I can’t find you or I forget…

    That’s one of my most favourite quotes ever. Fact!

  6. Adam says:

    Brilliant – thanks for the linklove Damien, and I even got a double-plug (that sounds a bit unsavory, doesn’t it?) 😀

  7. Dave Davis says:

    Damien, thank you so much for the link love and what will quite possibly become our new tagline! Brilliant!.

    Sorry I’m only finding this and thanking you now, technorati is a bit late updating 🙂