Link love – March 20th 2007

Nothing to do with Queen Elizabeth and her obsession for wardrobe accessories. Take flying your own plane. Take transgender and you get Hangar Queen. Yeah yeah, mile high jokes.

Staying with the flying theme. Nick Whittome flys naked. That’s what security has come to in this day and age. That’s been the plan from day one. Ok, I’m picturing what kind of searches will be returned for Nick’s name now. Oh dear. Anyways Nick is a Microsoft Small Business Server and Flight Simulator MVP.

Jochen Lillich is a lumberjack. He’s a lumberjack and he’s ok. He’s a lumberjack and he’s ok and he sleeps all night. This is his Twitter. This is his feedburner feed. He cuts down trees, skips and jumps, likes to press wild flowers.

Flirty something‘s blog. Men adore her. Women wish they had hair like that and in 1976 a crack commando unit escaped from a top security military prison to get her attention. Instead they got a TV deal.

One Response to “Link love – March 20th 2007”

  1. Thanks Damien, am going to “borrow” this for my blog. PS – well done on your piece on last word a few weeks ago, very good!