Link love – March 19th 2007

A short while ago I asked who wanted to be added to my blogroll as I was definitely lacking some essential Irish blogs and I said I might do short summaries of your blogs too. I didn’t mention whether they’d make sense, if you recall.

First up is Matt Verso’s and his sisters and his cousins and that nice dog down the road’s blog and according to Matt from one of his posts:

“I’m not really The Man, but I do have his e-mail address”

Well what can you say after that apart from Life Without Toast is a reference to what happens to the Rocky Horror Show if someone thinks about the starving kids in Africa. Feedburner feed. Twitter profile. Delicious profile.

Now over to sligo for Strandhill Online. Being really shit with geography, I never knew that Strandhill was in Sligo, home of the lovely Aine Chambers. Nice to see more regional blogs starting up.

Now over Waterford way for Jonathan Brazil‘s Weblog. This ex-formula one racing star is now laying low in Waterford and working in technology research where he is working on a prototype to make a digital version of the tick you hear from analog Swiss watches. This ground-breaking work could one day win a Noble prize. Feedburner feed. Twitter profile. Flickr profile. Delicious profile.

Former cocker spaniel gymnastics trainer Elana Kehoe walked away from the soon-to-be Olympic sport after a plane crash in the Andes left herself and her team stranded and she had to turn her doggies into a nice fur coat to keep her warm while she awaited rescue. Elana is now a very famous mommy blogger though can still skin anything in less than 3 minutes. Be warned and be aware. Flickr profile. Twitter profile.

8 Responses to “Link love – March 19th 2007”

  1. I demand you reveal your sources! 🙂 Must, say I got a good laugh from that. Cheers Damien!

  2. Dan Sullivan says:

    Could you add me? Or is it too late?

  3. Matt says:

    You know, I had no idea about the Rocky Horror reference, but it may have been a subliminal influence, having worked on the live version and seen the entire show about 100 times or more. Ain’t the mind a wonderful thing?

    Cheers for the linkages.

    Oh, and although technically it’s my blog, it’s also my sisters’, as she posts there too. And also my cousins, as he is the co-host on the podcast. It’s a group-ish thingy.

  4. Damien says:

    Amended the post, slightly 🙂

  5. Matt says:

    Actually although I’ve been trying really hard, the dog down the road thinks that blogging’s just not for him.

    The cat downstairs, now that’s another matter…

  6. fústar says:

    Sure you might as well add me too Damien, if’n you want to.