More Irish Election candidates on YouTube / gets an Election Forum

The Western people reported on two Mayo Dáil candidates doing YouTube campaign videos. Fianna Fail’s Frank Chambers and Fine Gael’s John O’Mahony both have videos on YouTube but they’re quite different. Chambers’ video takes place in his kitchen whereas O’Mahony’s is a medley of photos and screens listing his promises and contains music from the Saw Doctors and some other Irish band.

This is Frank’s – “Be Frank, Vote Chambers”.

Not a bad video apart from the looking down too often.

Frank then has local people giving their video support but the trouble is it looks staged. Maybe it’s just nerves but it does feel like the guy is reading from a script.

All Frank’s videos can be accessed here.

This is John’s – Vote John O’Mahony

Slicker, more like the usual political TV spots. No video of the man himself talking to the people. I’d prefer the human touch of Frank’s.

Here’s an interesting fact. Frank’s video was uploaded around the same time as the Labour Party’s “But, are you happy?” video and the Labour video has been viewed 639 times. Frank’s has been viewed 891 times. O’Mahony’s was uploaded two weeks ago and has been viewed 486 times.

Meanwhile now has an 2007 Election forum.

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  1. Daithí says:

    I wonder if he asked the Sawdoctors.