Fluffy Links March 12th 2007

Hopefully things will get back to normal now with the Blog Awards out of the way though I am away all today and tomorrow on training courses. Automated blog posts are on.

Via Coolhunting is FatFingers.com which allows you to monitor auction sites like eBay for misspelled auction terms. Handy for picking up some bargains.

A gummi bear Chandelier. Nice.

The new Battlestar Galactica really gives a damn about their fans and treats them really well. A great marketing idea, they do weekly podcasts talking about the behind-the-scenes stuff on the show and now they’ve released raw materials so fans can make their own fan short films using Battlestar footage and sound clips. Great idea.

Always been a big fan of the theatrical style fashion shows Alexander McQueen puts on. This week he had some off video show combined with models walking down a runway that had a giant pentagram painted on it.

Here’s a Kate Moss hologram from one of his shows in 2006:

The robots painting the model back in ’99

Alexander McQueen and Bjork.

One Response to “Fluffy Links March 12th 2007”

  1. Phil says:

    I’m not sure I would trust a seller who can’t spell the product correctly.