The PDs are getting YouTube too

Freshly uploaded PD video:

I see from Paul McAuliffe’s (PD Candidate for Finglas) YouTube account there’s a good number of other videos too, all uploaded in the past week. The above video was done by a crowd called Cutting Edge Productions. I like it as it is not over-produced though I wouldn’t have had it shot with Harney talking to the audience over a desk. Still, well done for NOT having her sit at some big plush Minister’s desk.

However Rabitte’s video is just a little better because Pat seems a little more relaxed and comfortable with talking to the audience and there’s no desk. Another good start though and I’d personally watch more videos from Mary Harney, I’m not sure what it is but when I hear her talk and explain things I think she is quite genuine and she’s been doing more to fix the crock health system than many Ministers that went before her.

2 Responses to “The PDs are getting YouTube too”

  1. […] via Damien Mulley, we learn that Mary Harney has made her first web video, discussing the health service. She’s been Minister for Health in this government since 2004. […]

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